Month: December 2018

Delightful Holiday Window Decorations

It’s fun to give everything a holiday touch in the winter and windows are no exception! We’ve gathered some of the most creative and beautiful window decorations from Pinterest to share with you. Use them as inspiration for your home!

Birds of a Feather

A glass vase, some artificial snow, branches bedecked with berries and a few bright red cardinals is all it takes to create this eye-catching window display. Simply arrange the branches, attach the cardinals with a little wire and fill the vase with fake snow. You can add a small nest with another bird to create a cozy woodland scene.


Snow Covered Pines

These pointy treetops covered in snow are easy to create. Simply cut foam boards into steep triangles and attach them to each other with glue to create this forest scene. String small white pom poms onto fishing wire and tape the end the top of the window frame to create the illusion of snow falling down. You can use green triangles as well and dust the tops with fake snow if you prefer a little more color.

Elegant Wreath Duo

This is a great solution for a double window. Simply take a tension rod, slide one end of the red curtain over the rod, string it through the wreath and then slide the other end of the curtain on the opposite end of the rod. Repeat for the second window and you’ve got a simple way to make your windows look festive in a snap. You can choose to hang the rods inside, or if you have shutters inside, like this home, you can opt to hang them outside. Either way, it’s fast and simple.

De-Vine Inspiration

Add a touch of whimsy to the outside of any window with this grapevine and star swag. Weave some lights into the mix to create an enchanting glow. While this display looks great on any window, it is perfect for windows on the front of the house that guests pass as they enter.





Enjoy decorating your home this holiday season, especially the windows. We hope we provided some inspiration by sharing these unique ideas. Happy holidays from your friends at Janssen Glass!