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Commercial Glass Curtain Wall Repair & Replacement

Glass Curtain Wall Installation

Glass curtain walls are self-supporting structural glazing systems that create a beautiful exterior for low to mid-rise buildings. This continuous wall of glass provides a smooth and sleek look and it all starts with the framing system. When you hire Janssen, for your glass curtain wall installation projects, you can be sure your project will look great and be installed right.

The Best Glass Curtain Walls Start with a Great Framework System

school glass curtain wall installation Kansas CityAt Janssen Glass, we have installed glass curtain walls all around the Kansas City metro area. It all starts with a durable framework. We use quality curtain wall frames from some of the best manufacturers in the business – Tubelite, Kawneer, and Efco to name a few. The framework, which is available in several structural performance levels, provides exceptional stability reducing the need for steel reinforcing. Curtain walls are available in a variety of different face dimensions and frame depths. Additionally, many of these frames also provide excellent insulation through increased aluminum separation and air space. You can create a variety of different looks by changing the framing color. The framework also makes curved exteriors possible with glass curtain walls.

Quality Glass Curtain Wall Installations in Kansas City Buildings

Not every curtain wall installation is created equal. We have been called to jobs where the workmanship was not up to par and the windows leaked as a result. These repairs are expensive and unnecessary so it’s important to choose the right glass installation company. When you hire Janssen Glass for your glass curtain wall project, you can be sure that we will do the job right. When installing a glass curtain wall, we take into account wind loads, deflection, natural drainage for rainwater, and the overall structural load. We will not install a glass curtain wall if the glass chosen for the job does not meet the industry standards necessary.

Design-Build Expertise Means Better Glass Curtain Wall Installations

At Janssen Glass, we work with engineers and architects on design/build projects, so we don’t just install glass, we understand the structural mechanics behind our projects. Glass curtain walls are available in a variety of designs created for different building applications. Framing is designed in a variety of styles for different condensation resistance, thermal performance, depths, and glass thickness. We know which systems are designed for which types of projects. While other glass installation companies bid on drawings and may not catch a mistake, if we see something that looks wrong, we ask the engineers at the manufacturer to be sure there are no design flaws. Catching it early can save our clients thousands and thousands of dollars.