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Commercial Storefront Glass Repair & Replacement

Commercial Glass Storefront Repairs, Replacement, & Installation in Kansas City

Janssen Glass has been creating unique storefronts in the Kansas City area for years. Business owners from stand alone stores to shopping mall stores have found our glass storefront installation services fast, fresh, and affordable. We specialize in storefronts, so call us and let us know what you need. We can create it.

Quality Glass Storefront Installations in Kansas City

leawood glass storefront sweetpea businessOur custom storefronts are designed for a lifetime of performance and crafted from quality components for years of dependability. When we install a glass storefront, we use only the best materials from top manufacturers like Tubelite, Kawneer, Efco, Manko and more. We have come to rely on their quality to bring you the quality we demand. There is almost no limit to the variety of door hardware you can choose from. From hinged doors to sliding doors to revolving doors, we can create whatever kind of entrance you’d like on your storefront.

24-Hour Commercial Glass Emergency Service

We know life is unpredictable and occasionally glass walls, doors, and windows break. That’s why we offer 24-hour commercial emergency glass repair for any kind of business in Kansas City. We stock at least a dozen manufacturers’ glass doors for fast replacement and with our full-line glass shop, we can cut custom pieces to fit in no time. We can usually replace your broken storefront glass the same day with no need for boarding up your business’ façade.

Types of Glass for Storefront Installation or Replacement

e glass window installation company in kansas cityLow-E glass is energy efficient. A gas between the panes keeps temperatures from penetrating and helps keep your energy bills down.

Insulated glass is also great for thermal control but its sound deadening qualities make it ideal for other applications like conference rooms as well.

Safety glass, also known as laminated glass, is created by sandwiching plastic between two pieces of glass. When the glass breaks, it is held together by this inner plastic.

Tinted glass helps with sunlight issues. If your business gets extreme sunlight (usually at dawn or dusk when the sun is low), tinted glass will cut the glare and solve the problem.

Obscure glass is simply patterned so that you can’t see through it. It works well where privacy is an issue like in bathrooms.

Tempered glass is designed to crumble when broken instead of shattering. It is used for safety purposes.

We have many different kinds of glass with beautiful and unique patterns to make your storefront look great. For the best quality, the fastest turnaround, and the most competitive prices, call Janssen Glass for your commercial glass storefront repair, replacement or installation.