Month: May 2014

DIY Summer Project: Custom Glass Coffee Table

Janssen Glass Coffe TableLooking to add a custom piece of furniture to your Kansas City area home or business this summer? Try this DIY custom glass coffee table. You can use a variety of different mediums, for a base, and pair it with a piece of custom glass for a unique and intriguing piece that will be sure to garner lots of compliments. Here’s how you can get started on yours:

Step 1: Pick Your Materials

The first thing you need to do is decide what style of coffee table you are going for, and then choose your materials accordingly. Popular materials for this project include wooden pallets or wooden crates. They can be left as they are, painted, or distressed. Other materials that work well for this project are old wooden doors, large chest drawers, wine barrels or even large bins. The drawers work great when used as shadowboxes if you like to show off or display items or art in a different way. Wine barrels have been popular this year if you’re going for a more rustic look.

Step 2: Get Janssen Glass to Cut Your Custom Glass Piece

After you’ve decided and prepared your medium, either bring the piece into Janssen Glass, or call us to your home so we can take measurements for your custom piece of glass. For this project, you would want the glass to be at least as long and wide as the material you’ve picked, if not a little larger than your base. You will also need to determine what type of glass you want to use. Choose from thick, thin, rounded edges, accented edges, and more! You can pick from a variety of options,and customize your glass at Janssen Glass.

Step 3: Add the Finishing Touches & Enjoy!

After you get your custom glass piece made for your table, it’s time to add the finishing touches. You can either lay the glass directly on the base of your table, or to protect both the wood and the custom glass piece, place clear rubber bumpers on the base in a few strategic places before placing the glass on top. This will keep the base from scratching the glass, and can help prevent the glass from moving. After the glass is in place, decorate your table as it pleases you, and enjoy!

If you’re interested in a custom glass or mirror project for your Kansas City area home or business, call the experts. You can reach Janssen Glass for superior glass service at 913-677-5727.