Month: December 2019

4 Ways to Decorate your Windows for the Holidays

The outside of your house, Christmas tree, and living room shouldn’t be the only things decorated in your home this year. Give your windows some attention too.We took the time to gather a few of the most creative and beautiful window decorations we found on Pinterest. Here they are to share with you!

birds of a feather indoor holiday decoratingBirds of a Feather

Whether you prefer to use an authentic branch or buy one from the store, it doesn’t matter. Take this branch and set it in a glass vase. Fill this glass vase with some artificial snow. Now it’s time to decorate the branches themselves. If you get the artificial branch bedecked with berries, perfect. If not, buy fake berries and strategically place them around the ends of the branches. Finally, attach the cardinals with small wire and add a small nest with another bird to create a cozy woodland scene.

snow covered pines pinterest holiday decoratingSnow Covered Pines

By far the easiest DIY project to decorate your windows. Simple cut foam boards into tall triangles and use glue to attach them together. This will build a forest scene. One the boards are glued together, string small white pom poms with fishing wire and tape them to the window frame. This will create the illusion of it snowing. If you prefer more color to be involved you can use green triangles and dust the tops of them with fake snow.

double wreath indoor and outdoor holiday decorationElegant Wreath Duo

If you have a bare double window, this is your best option. Take a tension rod, and slide one end of the red curtain over the rod. Now you can string it through the wreath and then slide the other end of the curtain on the opposite end of the rod. Repeat this step for the second wreath and you’ve got a simple way to make your windows look festive. This idea can be done on both the inside or the outside, that is up to you.

devine inspiration outdoor window decorationDe-Vine Inspiration

Finally, an idea that can only be done to the outside of your house. Weave some lights into some grapevine. With the addition of lights, it will create an enchanting glow. This will look great on any window but it actually made for a window on the front of the house. A window guests will walk by directly as they enter your home.

We hope you enjoy this simple list of ways to decorate the inside and outside of your home this holiday season. If you have any questions, give us a call at (913)677-5727 or schedule an appointment online!