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The Best Custom Glass Company in Kansas City

We know it sounds a bit “braggadocious,” but we also go to great lengths to live up to our reputation. Janssen Glass has been serving the Kansas City area since 1984. We are a local, family-owned and operated business and our reputation means everything to us and it all starts with customer service. It’s our number one focus. In fact, we have a  99% customer satisfaction rating. That’s right…99%. We are very proud of that rating and we work hard every single day to keep it up there. Truth be told, that one percent really irks us and we are striving for 100%. But you can be sure that we will do our best to give you fast, accurate, affordable service that we hope you will tell your friends and neighbors about. We serve the entire KC Metro including Olathe, Leawood, Lenexa, Overland Park, Prairie Village and downtown Kansas City, so chances are, you’re in our service area. Please give us a call (913) 677-5727 in Kansas and (816) 472-5330 in Missouri

Commercial & Residential Glass Repair, Installation, and Replacement

We specialize in both commercial and residential glass repair, installation and replacement. We have a custom glass shop with experienced craftsmen and designers on staff to help your new construction project, remodel, or replacement match perfectly. And because it’s on-site, our turnaround time can’t be beat. If you need a residential or commercial glass service company, Janssen Glass is your best choice.

Commercial Glass Services

Janssen has been providing businesses with glass replacements and repairs for almost 40 years. From entrances and storefronts to large-scale curtain walls, to interior offices, we can do it all. Our designs can be found all across the metro from simple glass replacement jobs to some of the most elaborate and elegant spaces in KC. We can also create custom glass tabletops, glass shelves, mirrors and more to enhance your office or retail store space. One of the best services we offer is 24-hour commercial emergency glass replacement, board-up and glass door repairs. We know how important fast service is in an emergency and we’re there for you. 

Residential Glass Services

Homeowners love Janssen’s residential glass repair and replacement services for our incredible customer service, our huge variety of glass patterns, our fast turnaround time and custom designs. Whether you need custom glass tabletops, glass shelves, mirrors, shower doors, glass cabinet doors or a custom piece, we are your best choice. Plus, we specialize in heavy glass shower door replacement and custom shower enclosures. You can choose from a wide variety of glass styles, edges, and patterns. Check out our shower door gallery. Call us for a free estimate anytime and speak to our knowledgeable staff. They will be able to answer any questions and they care about your satisfaction.

Please give us a call (913) 677-5727 in Kansas and (816) 472-5330 in Missouri. See why Janssen Glass is the best in Kansas City!

24-Hour Emergency Commercial Glass Repair in Kansas City

When you have a glass emergency, whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, Janssen Glass is there for you when you need us. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Kansas City.

Common Sizes Always in Stock
At Janssen Glass and Door, we stock standard commercial doors, frames, and hardware as well as a deep inventory of different types of glass so we can be ready for  an emergency repair. We carry more than a dozen manufacturers’ doors. Don’t let Mother Nature or car accidents, or even criminals drag your business down. When you have an emergency, you don’t have time to wait for someone to buy material for the job. You want a company that is ready to roll when you need them. Get up and running fast with Janssen Glass. 

On-Site Glass Repairs for Fast Turnaround
For sizes that aren’t standard, you want a company that can cut glass on site, and fix your problem immediately. If the display window of your storefront breaks, you don’t want to hear that your service repair company has to go back to their shop to cut the glass to size while your store remains exposed. At Janssen, we understand that and that’s why we’re prepared.

24-Hour Emergency Glass Service
If you have an emergency in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t have to wait until morning to call for assistance. A reputable glass repair company should provide 24-hour services for security reasons. We’re who you want in an emergency. 

Call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727 in Kansas and (816) 472-5330 in Missouri.

Fast, Affordable Glass Repair in Kansas City


If you’re looking for fast and affordable glass repair in Kansas City, look no further than Janssen Glass. We have been in business since 1984 and we are the glass experts. From residential to commercial, we do it all.

Our In-House Glass Shop Means Quick Turnaround

We’ve got decades of experience, so there’s no project that’s too complicated. We have a glass shop in-house so we can cut to exact specifications quickly and accurately. We carry a wide variety of glass types, styles, colors and patterns. You tell us what you want, and we make it happen quickly. Our team of experts is very efficient and that means most residential glass projects only take a few days to complete. Whether you need custom glass tabletops, glass shelves, mirrors, glass cabinet doors or a custom piece, we are your best choice for residential glass repair and replacement. Plus, we specialize in heavy glass shower door replacement and custom shower enclosures. 

24-Hour Commercial Glass Repair

We know when there’s damage to your business, getting it boarded up and getting the glass windows and doors replaced quickly is paramount to security. We have been replacing damaged glass for businesses for over 30 years and we get it. Our team will be there quickly, whether it’s the middle of the night or middle of the day with 24-hour glass repair service seven days a week. We carry many doors and window glass in stock so we can replace it usually immediately. In most cases, we can replace the glass immediately, rather than board up the building, because we have the ability to cut glass on-site to any custom size. When your business needs glass repair, call Janssen Glass & Door.  

Call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727 in Kansas and (816) 472-5330 in Missouri.

Seeing Is Believing – Enhance Your Business with Glass

As a business owner, you take pride in helping the customers you serve each and every day. Whether you are a small business store selling clothing, candy, or computer equipment, the appeal of your store for consumers can be the difference between them stopping in and potentially converting into sales, or simply passing you by. 

Glass Doors and Windows Increase Foot Traffic

If your business relies on foot traffic, having glass doors at the entrance of your building or in front of your store, will help to pull those feet inside. It’s easy. Interest in your products starts with the eyes. If no one can see what you sell, you’ve just lost potential customers. The fact that the door is glass makes it possible to tempt that passerby to come see what caught their eye. By installing a glass door, you will be able to display your most popular or newest products immediately to those who are passing by. This is especially helpful for businesses that continually change their product offerings for varying seasons or holidays. 

Glass Doors Make Your Business More Attractive

Let’s face it. When a customer comes to your business, one of the most noticeable features is the front entrance. Every customer has to physically walk through the entrance to be able to explore the goods that you offer inside (we’re talking brick and mortar businesses here, obviously). You have to make a good first impression. You want to make it as inviting as possible to your type of customers. Because they are clear, glass doors have the added benefit of providing natural light which creates a welcoming ambiance that will beckon them inside. There are many different types of glass doors, so you can customize the look to fit what your business is about. From sleek and modern to country chic, your doors can say much more than you think. 

Glass Doors and Windows Help Signal That Your Store Is Popular

Another benefit is that with glass doors, other people will be able to see that your store is becoming popular when people shop there. Stores that appear busy will attract more shoppers, because they will be victims of FOMO (fear of missing out). All they have to do is look inside to see not only what you sell, but that it’s popular too.

Here at Janssen Glass, we specialize in providing beautiful and often elegant doors and windows for our commercial clients. We are happy to work with your business to install the perfect style door or windows that really speak to your customers and increase foot traffic and sales.

Call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727 in Kansas and (816) 472-5330 in Missouri.

Top 3 Shower Door Styles

Your shower is your sanctuary. It’s your refuge from the chaotic busyness of the world around you. It’s where you wash away sleep’s residue or the stress of a long day. It’s your personal mini-spa, where you go to relax, unwind, and recharge. The timeless design of our specialized glass shower doors can be customized to match the fit and style of any shower. Our three most popular shower door styles include frosted, patterned, and heavy glass. 

Frosted Glass Shower Doors for Privacy

Our top shower door style for privacy is the frosted glass shower door. These doors are light enough to allow light to pass through the glass, preventing a darkened shower experience, yet the blurred visual effect provides a degree of privacy regardless of your home’s foot traffic. Our frosted glass shower doors can be customized to create a unique look for your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for fully-frosted glass, half-frosted, or patterned frosted, we’ll combine your imagination and our experience to create the perfect look for your shower.

Patterned Glass Shower Doors for a Unique Style

Your playful personality or unique sense of style will appreciate the look and feel of these patterned glass shower doors, with designs ranging from extravagant floral patterns to simple ripple designs. With a broad array of patterns to choose from, we’ll find the perfect fit for your bathroom’s personality. The pretty patterns offer just a touch of privacy and a whole lot of personality. 

Heavy Glass Shower Doors for an Open Modern Look

If you’re searching for a timeless look that won’t go out of style, heavy glass doors are what you need. Our heavy glass shower doors are our most popular style. Because these doors are made of thicker glass, they don’t have to rely on a metal frame for support so they offer a modern, minimalist appearance. Sometimes referred to as frameless doors, the open, clean, look that they provide adds an upscale feel to any bathroom.  

Call Janssen Glass & Door to help you create the custom bathroom that you’ve always wanted. You can reach us at (913) 677-5727.

4 Hacks for Cleaning Up Broken Glass

Here’s the lowdown on cleaning up broken glass. First of all, no one enjoys doing it. Let’s be real: facing the possibility that you’ll be picking shards of glass out of your feet, toes, hands, etc., is not the best way to put a smile on your face and brighten your day. Fortunately, the second thing you should know is that there are some simple hacks using household items that can help you clean up broken glass safely and effectively. Before we get into that, though, here are some things not to do:

Glass Cleanup No-Nos

  • Don’t use your bare hands to clean up.
  • Don’t walk around the breakage area in bare feet. Be smart, and protect yourself.
  • Don’t forget to thoroughly inspect the room where the breakage occurred for remnants of glass. When glass shatters, the force can propel shards further away than you’d think. Be sure to move around pieces of furniture in the vicinity for a more complete inspection.
  • Don’t use a broom to sweep up glass if you can help it. Pieces of glass can easily get caught in the bristles. If you have to use a broom, be sure to thoroughly clean it afterward so all of the pieces are removed.
  • Don’t dispose of the glass in the inside trash can. Take it out to the big dumpster. If you do use the inside can, let other household members know so they don’t accidentally cut themselves pressing down the trash with a foot or hand.

4 Simple Hacks for Cleaning Up Broken Glass:

  1. Use a Piece of Bread
    Stick the bread against the glass shards & they should cling to it. It’s an easy cleanup solution.
  2. Whip Out the Potatoes
    Another way to get the glass pieces to stick is using the fleshy insides of your standard russet potato. Simply cut the potato in half, clean up the glass, and wipe down the floor afterward.
  3. Something Else Duct Tape Can Do!
    As with so many other problems, duct tape can be the solution in this case as well. Carefully wrap the tape around your hand, with the sticky side facing outwards. Gently dab up all the glass shards, and carefully discard the tape. Voila!
  4. Vacuum It Up
    Using a vacuum cleaner, especially one with flexible extensions can save you a lot of time. It can also keep you safe as you clean up the breakage.

Feel free to use any of these four hacks the next time you have to deal with broken glass cleanup! If you would like to add glass to your home in the form of glass shelves, mirrors, tabletops, or shower doors, give Janssen Glass a call at (913) 677-5727, or contact us online.

What to Look for in an Emergency Glass Repair Company for Your Business

Emergency Glass Repair CompanyWhether you have a cracked window on the seventh floor of your office building or the front door of your store is shattered, broken glass often requires emergency services. When you have a situation with glass, you want to know that you can rely on a competent company that will show up at your Kansas City business within a reasonable amount of time, and they will be able to repair the problem as quickly as possible. The following are three things to look for in a commercial glass repair company for your business:

Common Sizes Always in Stock

When you have an emergency, you don’t have time to wait for someone to buy material for the job. You want a company that has a decent amount of inventory for most standard types of glass, doors, and hardware that might be needed to complete a job.

Ability to Do On-Site Glass Repairs

For sizes that aren’t standard, you want a company that can cut glass on site, and fix your problem immediately. If the display window of your storefront breaks, you don’t want to hear that your service repair company has to go back to their shop to cut the glass to size while your store remains exposed.

24-Hour Emergency Glass Service

If you have an emergency in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t have to wait until morning to call for assistance. A reputable glass repair company should provide 24-hour services for security, employee, life or loss, and other emergency situations.

At Janssen Glass and Door, we understand the issues that are involved with broken glass. We stock standard commercial doors, frames, and hardware as well as a deep inventory of different types of glass. We can even cut glass on-site for custom sizes. We offer our services 24 hours a day.

If you are a business owner in the Kansas City area, add (913) 677-5727 to your cell phone so you can call us immediately in case of emergency. Feel free to call or contact us online for more information.


Can You Spot the Janssen Glass Push-Pull Sticker?

If you live in, or have visited, the great city of Kansas City, chances are you’ve probably seen it. It adorns more than 25,000 doors in the city and around the country. You can’t miss it. We’re talking about the infamous Janssen Glass Push-Pull sticker. It’s our way of letting you know we stand behind our work — a guarantee.

Here at Janssen Glass & Door, it is our job to not only ensure your business makes a good first impression on your customers, but also to make sure it stays safe and secure when you’re away. With our commercial glass repair and replacement services just a phone call away, you’ll always be in good hands.


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Commercial Glass Door Repair & Replacement in Kansas City


commercial-janssen-glass-KC-mall-forever-21When something happens to the glass windows or doors on the front of your business, it can be devastating. If it isn’t fixed quickly, it can mean a loss of revenue if you have to close until repairs can be made. Whether the glass and framework on the front of your business is damaged by Mother Nature’s fury or by some other source, we have the means to fix it quickly and at any time, day or night!  

commercial-glass-door-repair-replacement-kansas-city-JanssenIn most cases, we can repair or replace broken glass and framework immediately as we stock many of the standard sizes, as well as more than a dozen manufacturers’ doors. On the rare occasion that we are unable to fix it right on the spot, our quick turnaround means you’ll be up and running in no time. Don’t let Mother Nature or the criminal ways of others drag your business down. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you need commercial glass repair in Kansas City.

commercial-glass-install-auto-dealershipThe next time you’re out and about in the city, be sure to look for our Janssen Push-Pull stickers located on business storefronts everywhere. When you see them, you’ll know that company received the best quality and customer service available, and you can too from the professionals at Janssen Glass Doors.   

For more information on our commercial glass repair and replacement services in Kansas City, contact us today! We have expert techs on hand all day, every day to take your call, and we look forward to serving you.

Glass Windows Constantly Fogging? Here’s Why.


fogging-glass-window-janssen-glassAre your glass windows constantly fogging? Chances are, if you have a window that fogs up in the hot afternoon and then loses its fog at night, that is a sign of a seal failure.

Windows that fog are supposed to have a hermetically, or airtight, seal that keeps moisture out, but if this seal is broken, water and moisture from the air are able to get into the glass. When the air is hot in the afternoon, the air moisture clings to the cold glass and creates condensation, or fog.

At first this may seem harmless, but over time, bits of bacteria or the spores of mold or other fungi may find their way in through that same broken seal. This means that over time, things will start to grow inside your panes of glass. This is no less dangerous than any other mold or bacteria infestation within your house.

How to Fix Fogging Windows

Sadly, if your window is consistently having this problem, there are no simple, lasting ways to solve it. Even if the fogging stops, that is more likely associated with changes in the weather, as the seal has already been broken and will not become airtight again on its own. In most cases, the window will have to be replaced to permanently fix this problem.

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How to Prevent Fogging Windows

Your best means to prevent a broken seal of the window is to periodically caulk the perimeter seals of the window. Furthermore, to prevent the accumulation of moisture that may either aid in the deterioration of the seal or enter the already broken seal, make sure that both sides of the window have proper air circulation. Of course, you should also make sure your windows come with a warranty.

Helpful Hint: Some companies will only provide a warranty if they both produce and install the windows themselves, so make sure to read the fine print before ordering new windows!

Janssen Glass & Door is the solution for all of your glass needs. We serve the entire Kansas City area, and would love to help with your next project. Give us a call today at (913) 677-5727 or check out our blog for more helpful tips and tricks.


The #1 Tool for a Sparkling Glass Shower Door


You may follow a routine while cleaning your glass shower door, but do you squeegee? Although the name ‘squeegee’ is less than serious, if not laughable, what is serious are the major results this cleaning tool provides while cleaning your glass shower door.

Here’s how using a squeegee will keep your beautiful Janssen Glass shower doors sparkling clean and looking their best.

Why Do Squeegees Work Best for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors?

When left on the glass or metal shower frame, water and soap residue can etch and pit the surfaces deteriorating the look and quality of glass and metal in your shower over time. Using a squeegee on your glass shower door removes this residue and also prevents mineral buildup which keeps your shower door shiny, clear, and beautiful.

We suggest cleaning your glass with a squeegee after every shower. Don’t fret, this only takes a minute or two, and it will quickly become part of your bath-time routine. Why so frequently? Using a squeegee after each shower eliminates mineral build up before it can even start, which makes cleaning a breeze and leaves your glass shower door in pristine condition for years to come!

How Do I Choose the Right Squeegee?

  • Pick a squeegee with replaceable silicone blades for best ongoing results.
  • Find one that feels comfortable in your hand. Sounds silly, but comfort counts!
  • Look for sturdy, lightweight construction in a squeegee. A good squeegee, like this one from Oxo, will help protect your shower over time.

What Cleaning Solution Do I Use?

  • Using strong chemicals in small spaces, such as bathrooms and showers is bad for your health.
  • Chemicals also cause damage to metals and other materials in and around your glass doors.
  • We recommend a cleaner that is environmentally friendly, like Method Glass Cleaner or Parsley Plus. Your mother may have convinced you that ammonia based cleaners were necessary for streak-free glass, but sorry, mom, that’s just not the case anymore.

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Need help with a glass project? Janssen Glass is Kansas City’s go-to company for all of your glass needs. Contact us today to find out more, and make sure to keep up with Janssen’s blog for more helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain the glass in your home!