Month: June 2015

How to Use an Oversized Mirror to Make a Room Look Larger

Custom Mirror Janssen GlassDoes a room in your home feel somewhat cramped no matter how you arrange your furniture? We may have the solution for you. Mirrors! We don’t mean a magician with mirrors and smoke, though. We mean getting a custom mirror made by Janssen Glass & Door specifically for your problem area. Here’s how to use one of our custom mirrors, or another oversized mirror you find, to make a small room appear larger.

Pick the Right Mirror

Start off by using the right type of mirror. Pick a mirror that’s tall and wide enough for your needs, and that has the right reflective properties to match your home. If you’re propping this mirror up behind a piece of furniture, like an entry console, use a mirror that is about the same width as the furniture, and about twice as tall. This will make the piece look purposeful, prominent, and proportional.

You’ll also want to take the rest of the room into account when deciding on the type of reflection you want your mirror to have, and the style of its frame. You can have a simple, classic and clean mirror with no edging and a simple frame, or you could have an antiqued and muted reflecting mirror with raised edging and a painted frame.

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Positioning Is Key

When deciding on where to place your oversized mirror for the biggest size-boosting properties, place it on the same wall, or a neighboring wall to a natural light source. This placement will allow natural light to be reflected back into your home, thereby increasing your perception of light and space in the room. If you place an oversized mirror on a wall directly across from a natural light source, the light will bounce directly off of the mirror and right back out the same window. This will leave you with the same measly light you had in the room to begin with.

To create a custom mirror piece to help bring new light and space to a room in your home, call Janssen Glass & Door today at 913-677-5727.

3 Ways Choosing Janssen Glass Benefits Homeowners

IGlass Sink in Bathroomf you’re looking for custom glass, doors, or mirrors for your Kansas City home, the only way to go is Janssen Glass & Door. No one else in the area has the expertise and experience we’ve acquired over the years. Here are three reasons choosing Janssen Glass & Door will impress and delight you.

Glass & Mirror Customization That Truly Is One-of-a-Kind

When you hire Janssen Glass & Door for a custom job, we really ensure that the piece we are creating is truly unique to your home. We start off by coming to your home when it’s convenient for you and taking exact measurements for the custom glass or mirror piece. Then we help you decide on which type of glass you want, tempered glass, patterned glass, safety glass, etc. Once we have those two bases covered, we order the materials needed. When they arrive at our office, we cut them according to your measurements right in our shop, then bring all the already-cut and ready pieces to your home to install.

Our Expertise Is Unmatched

The dictionary describes an expert as someone who possesses special skill and/or knowledge in a specific field. Based on that definition, we are most definitely glass experts. We know the ins and outs of glass, the best practices, even how to make your own glass cleaner. You can trust us when you ask for our opinions. We always strive to give you all of your options, and arm you with the best solutions. We’ve been in this industry since 1984, and have been around the glass block quite a few times.

We Have a Quick Turnaround

Lastly, since we know exactly what we are doing, you’ll never have to wait around for us to finish up a project. We are known for having a quick turnaround and for meeting deadlines. Our team is efficient, and good at their jobs. Hence, most residential glass projects only take a few days to complete.

If you’re interested in hiring Janssen Glass & Door for a project, give us a call at (913) 677-5727. We are here to answer any and all of your questions about our company, glass, mirrors, and our projects.