Month: July 2017

8 Amazing Ways to Take Your Bathroom Mirror from Drab to Fab

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Is your bathroom mirror boring? Most are. There’s still hope! You can give your bathroom some serious personality points with a simple bathroom mirror update. It’s easy to do too. Simply find a frame that you like (and you’ll see in the examples below that we use the word “frame” loosely) and bring to Janssen Glass to have it made into a mirror and voila, you have a unique focal point that will make guests look at your mirror almost as much as they look into it! Be inspired by the examples below and let your creativity overflow.

These 9 Wall Mirrors Floored Us

  • thrift store carved wooden frame turned into a mirror frame
    An intricately carved wooden frame found at a thrift shop creates a stunning focal point as a one-of-a-kind mirror in a small bathroom.

Even if you just want to give your bathroom a traditional, finished look, a framed mirror will do the trick! Just bring your frame into our custom glass shop and let us help you create a beautiful bathroom mirror that’s uniquely yours!

How to Hang Your Mirror Properly

Sure, you’ve hung various items on your walls before, but were you doing it the right way? Make sure your mirror is hung securely to avoid seven years of bad luck. Here are a couple of handy tips:

1. Find a Stud: Studs are the wooden structural supports for a wall. You should use a stud as the anchor for your mirror to ensure added support. Finding a stud can be done by knocking for a non-hollow part of the wall, using an electronic stud finder, or looking for signs of a stud such as windows, outlets, or molding nails.

2. Use a Level: A level is your best friend when hanging pictures, shelves, and mirrors. It is important to know what type of hardware you will be using so that you can measure and mark your wall accordingly!

3. Hardware Dos and Don’ts: Be sure to account for the weight of your mirror. Heavier objects will require brackets for support. With wired mirrors, you will want to use hooks to hang the mirror onto.

If you are interested in a custom cut mirror for your bathroom, just give the team at Janssen Glass a call today, at (913) 677-5727 or contact us online. We’ll be happy to help you add some woo hoo to your loo!