Month: December 2017

How to Get Your Bathroom “Guest-Ready”

Guest-Ready HomeExpecting weekend guests over the winter? You may already have the guest room tidied up and ready to receive them, but you’ll also want to make sure that your bathroom is in “guest-ready” shape too. Here are some quick tips from the crew at Janssen Glass to make your bathroom shine when company arrives:

Make the Tub and Shower Sparkle

The last thing you want your guests to see when they step into your shower is a buildup of soap scum on the shower surround or in the shower door tracks (yuk!). Zap soap scum by combining two of the trustiest non-toxic cleaners around — baking soda and white vinegar. All you need is a cup of baking soda in a plastic bowl and a cup of white vinegar. Mix together to form a thick paste and wait a moment for the fizzing to stop. Then, simply dip a microfiber cloth into the mixture and apply to the tub surround, shower doors, or wherever soap scum has built up. Let sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing with plain water. (If the soap scum is really heavy, pour some salt into a separate bowl and after dipping your cloth into the baking soda/vinegar paste, dip it into the salt, which will add a little extra abrasive power to the formula. But be careful not to scratch the metal finish on the frames surrounding your doors.)

To keep the area clean on a daily basis, mix vinegar, water and a drop or two of dish soap in a spray bottle and spray the shower and shower door after each use. Allow the spray to sit for a few minutes, and then rinse with hot water, and dry to avoid spots and/or streaks. Use an old toothbrush and a commercial cleaner or your baking soda/vinegar paste to clean shower door tracks, rinse and dry thoroughly with a paper towel.

Shine up the Fixtures

Vinegar also makes a great cleaner for chrome and stainless steel fixtures. Simply spritz on, wipe and buff to bring out the shine. While you’re at it, remove your shower head and let it soak for a few minutes in a bowl of vinegar to dissolve any buildup that can clog up some of the holes. An even easier way to clean the shower head without removing it is to fill a plastic bag with vinegar and attach it to the shower head with a rubber band. Just make sure the vinegar covers the parts of the shower head that have mineral buildup. Leave it on for 15 minutes to an hour. It’ll not only look better, but work better too.

Welcoming Details

Clear away clutter and put out a pretty basket filled with handmade soaps, washcloths, and personal toiletries to make your guests feel at home. (Include small bottles of aspirin and antacid in case they’re needed so your guests don’t have to announce that they’ve got a headache or an upset stomach in the middle of the night. A couple of new toothbrushes is a nice touch as well just in case someone forgot theirs.)

Put out fresh towels, make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper, soaps, shampoo and washcloths, and add a pretty plant or a small vase of flowers to brighten up the room, and a candle for atmosphere. If you don’t have a covered waste basket, add one now. Voilà — You’ve just created the perfect, welcoming bathroom for your overnight guests!

Have a wonderful holiday season and if you’d like to get rid of the dated look of a shower curtain or framed shower doors and spruce up your bathroom with a new frameless shower door, be sure to contact us at Janssen Glass & Door!