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Can You Spot the Janssen Glass Push-Pull Sticker?

If you live in, or have visited, the great city of Kansas City, chances are you’ve probably seen it. It adorns more than 25,000 doors in the city and around the country. You can’t miss it. We’re talking about the infamous Janssen Glass Push-Pull sticker. It’s our way of letting you know we stand behind our work — a guarantee.

Here at Janssen Glass & Door, it is our job to not only ensure your business makes a good first impression on your customers, but also to make sure it stays safe and secure when you’re away. With our commercial glass repair and replacement services just a phone call away, you’ll always be in good hands.


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Commercial Glass Door Repair & Replacement in Kansas City


commercial-janssen-glass-KC-mall-forever-21When something happens to the glass windows or doors on the front of your business, it can be devastating. If it isn’t fixed quickly, it can mean a loss of revenue if you have to close until repairs can be made. Whether the glass and framework on the front of your business is damaged by Mother Nature’s fury or by some other source, we have the means to fix it quickly and at any time, day or night!  

commercial-glass-door-repair-replacement-kansas-city-JanssenIn most cases, we can repair or replace broken glass and framework immediately as we stock many of the standard sizes, as well as more than a dozen manufacturers’ doors. On the rare occasion that we are unable to fix it right on the spot, our quick turnaround means you’ll be up and running in no time. Don’t let Mother Nature or the criminal ways of others drag your business down. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when you need commercial glass repair in Kansas City.

commercial-glass-install-auto-dealershipThe next time you’re out and about in the city, be sure to look for our Janssen Push-Pull stickers located on business storefronts everywhere. When you see them, you’ll know that company received the best quality and customer service available, and you can too from the professionals at Janssen Glass Doors.   

For more information on our commercial glass repair and replacement services in Kansas City, contact us today! We have expert techs on hand all day, every day to take your call, and we look forward to serving you.

Glass Windows Constantly Fogging? Here’s Why.


fogging-glass-window-janssen-glassAre your glass windows constantly fogging? Chances are, if you have a window that fogs up in the hot afternoon and then loses its fog at night, that is a sign of a seal failure.

Windows that fog are supposed to have a hermetically, or airtight, seal that keeps moisture out, but if this seal is broken, water and moisture from the air are able to get into the glass. When the air is hot in the afternoon, the air moisture clings to the cold glass and creates condensation, or fog.

At first this may seem harmless, but over time, bits of bacteria or the spores of mold or other fungi may find their way in through that same broken seal. This means that over time, things will start to grow inside your panes of glass. This is no less dangerous than any other mold or bacteria infestation within your house.

How to Fix Fogging Windows

Sadly, if your window is consistently having this problem, there are no simple, lasting ways to solve it. Even if the fogging stops, that is more likely associated with changes in the weather, as the seal has already been broken and will not become airtight again on its own. In most cases, the window will have to be replaced to permanently fix this problem.

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How to Prevent Fogging Windows

Your best means to prevent a broken seal of the window is to periodically caulk the perimeter seals of the window. Furthermore, to prevent the accumulation of moisture that may either aid in the deterioration of the seal or enter the already broken seal, make sure that both sides of the window have proper air circulation. Of course, you should also make sure your windows come with a warranty.

Helpful Hint: Some companies will only provide a warranty if they both produce and install the windows themselves, so make sure to read the fine print before ordering new windows!

Janssen Glass & Door is the solution for all of your glass needs. We serve the entire Kansas City area, and would love to help with your next project. Give us a call today at (913) 677-5727 or check out our blog for more helpful tips and tricks.


3 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Glass Shower Door


Most people assume that choosing a glass shower door is a breeze, but there are many things to consider before making your final decision. Before you make the investment of a new glass shower door, the experts at Janssen Glass want to share a few need-to-knows with you.

Keep It Custom


If the interior of your shower is custom, the door should be too! Most homeowners spend tons of money customizing their showers, and then drop the ball when it comes to the shower door.

Not only would a generic shower door look odd paired with a unique and customized shower interior, but by choosing the right glass shower door and keeping it custom, you can achieve a brand new level of beauty!

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Don’t Cut Corners

custom-glass-bathroom-vanity-janssen-kansas-cityAnother detail homeowners overlook while choosing a glass shower door are the edges. Most assume that they won’t matter, or that they are a small detail, but you will notice the edges of your shower door.

Edges on frameless shower doors tend to be darker the thicker the glass, but other types of glass may look completely different. To ensure you love your final product, make sure to ask your shower door professional about your options!

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Shower Doors Are NOT 100% Water Tight

While glass shower doors are much more effective at keeping water in the shower compared to curtains, they aren’t 100% watertight.

An important aspect of your shower to think about while installing is the placement of your shower head. Make sure your shower head is installed and directed away from the opening of the shower to eliminate any possible water getting through and onto your floors.

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Thinking of installing a glass shower door? Give Janssen Glass a call at (913) 677-5727, and for more tips from the professionals at Janssen Glass, check out our blog, here!


How to Spruce Up Any Old Coffee Table

coffee-table-do-it-yourselfA coffee table is a must for most living rooms and family rooms, but do you really need to break the bank when choosing one? Not with Janssen Glass’ tips for sprucing up your old coffee table! Below are the must-haves that we would add to your standard wood coffee table.

Paint Your Table

First things first, you will want to paint your coffee table. Follow these simple steps:


  • Remove Old Paint: If you’re using an old coffee table with existing paint, you should first remove the old paint so that the wood is exposed. We recommend using paint stripper with a putty knife.
  • Remove Stain/Finish: If your coffee table was originally stained then you will need to use a different method to expose the wood. We recommend sanding by hand with an 80 – 100 grit paper. The higher the grit of the paper, the smoother the wood will be.
  • Prime: If you’re using a table that isn’t wood, you will want to first prime it. We recommend using the same method to apply primer that you are using to paint the table.
  • Paint: Now it’s time to apply the paint! Some paints require multiple coats, so testing on a scrap piece of wood beforehand will give you a good indication of what to expect. Trending today: chalk paint, grays, and whites.

Add a Glass Top

Being a glass company, we believe that glass makes anything more elegant. To really spruce up your coffee table, have a custom glass top made for it. Not sure how to do that? Use this step-by-step guide from the Janssen Glass team.

Style Your Table

Lastly, you will want to style your table. Using magazines and candles or drink trays and plants, there are numerous ways to style your table. Try these tips from Good Housekeeping.

Voila! Your coffee table has now gone from drab to fab. Looking for more helpful tips? Stay up to date with Janssen Glass’ Tips & Tricks for Homeowners.

How to Turn any Frame into a Bathroom Mirror

Remember when bathrooms featured a mirror the length of a wall? What about the classic click-in mirrored medicine cabinet? Well, those days are gone! Today’s trend features customized framed mirrors. Yes, this means you’re not stuck with the frame that the mirror comes in at the store. Janssen Glass breaks down the steps for turning any frame into a trendy bathroom mirror.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Frame (or Two)

The beauty of this trend is that you can take any frame and turn it into a mirror. You know that frame at the craft store you’ve been eyeing? What about that frame you have had around the house for years with nothing to put in it? That will make the perfect mirror frame! If you have two sinks in your bathroom, consider finding two of the same frame to add mirrors to. Below are a few of our favorite frames – rustic, industrial and vintage! 


Step 2: Pick a Glass Partner

Your next step is to find a company who can make a customized mirror. We recommend doing a quick Google search for your area, or if you live in the Kansas City metro, giving us a call. Mirrors are made out of silver glass. Typically, mirrors have a thin sheet of glass in front of a thin silver, copper film. All of this is in front of a painted layer. Because of this, most custom glass companies should be able to produce a customized piece of glass for your bathroom frame.

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Step 3: Hang the Mirror (Properly)

Sure, you’ve hung various items on your walls before, but were you doing it the right way? Improper mirror hanging could cause a couple of messes, for example, running a nail into an electrical wire or pipe. Here are a couple of handy tips:

    • Find a Stud: Studs are the wooden structural supports for a wall. You should use a stud as the anchor for your mirror to ensure added support. Finding a stud can be done by knocking for a non-hollow part of the wall, using an electronic stud finder, or looking for signs of a stud such as windows, outlets, or molding nails.
    • Use an Extra Pair of Eyes: Line up your mirror with a family member or a friend to be sure that you are hanging it evenly. When doing this, it is important to know what type of hardware you will be using so that you can measure and mark your wall accordingly!
  • Hardware Dos and Don’ts: Be sure to account for the weight of your mirror. Heavier objects will require brackets for support. With wired mirrors, you will want to use hooks to hang the mirror onto.

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Step 4: Make Your New Bathroom Mirror Shine!

custom-framesWhen it comes to cleaning your glass or mirrors, we recommend using Sprayway. It is ammonia free, meaning that it will not taint the film or tint of glass and mirrors. Be sure when you clean any glass surface that you are using a lint-free cotton cloth. This will help to get that streak-free finish! Looking to create your own home remedy, check out our DIY glass cleaner.   
Are you interested in a custom cut mirror for your bathroom? Give the team at Janssen Glass a call today, at (913) 677-5727, and we will get you taken care of!

Why Choose a National Glass Association (NGA) Company?

NGA MemberWe at Janssen Glass & Door know there are plenty of glass companies in Kansas City that can offer our same services, but what sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to the mission and code of ethics of the National Glass Association (NGA).

What Does It Mean To Be A Member Of The National Glass Association

As members of the NGA, we receive world-class education, training, technical, and business products and services, promote best practices, safety and ethics in the workplace, and protect the interest of our industries through legislative, regulatory, and inter-industry advocacy.

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We proudly adhere to a code of ethics that engenders public confidence in the integrity and service of glass professional everywhere and agree to the following statements:

  • Promote and encourage fair and ethical competition.
  • Fulfill all contractual obligations and respect the contractual obligations of others by not inducing breach of existing contracts.
  • Use safety glazing materials whenever possible, and to refuse to sell unsafe products.
  • Maintain a safe work area which provides adequate inventories of glass products and to sell these products at a fair and non-discriminating price.
  • Maintain the highest industry-wide standards of professional and personal conduct.
  • Promote the advancement of the association on both the local and national levels, supporting its goals and objectives.

To learn more about Janssen Glass & Door, please give us a call at (913) 677-5727.

3 Ways Choosing Janssen Glass Benefits Homeowners

IGlass Sink in Bathroomf you’re looking for custom glass, doors, or mirrors for your Kansas City home, the only way to go is Janssen Glass & Door. No one else in the area has the expertise and experience we’ve acquired over the years. Here are three reasons choosing Janssen Glass & Door will impress and delight you.

Glass & Mirror Customization That Truly Is One-of-a-Kind

When you hire Janssen Glass & Door for a custom job, we really ensure that the piece we are creating is truly unique to your home. We start off by coming to your home when it’s convenient for you and taking exact measurements for the custom glass or mirror piece. Then we help you decide on which type of glass you want, tempered glass, patterned glass, safety glass, etc. Once we have those two bases covered, we order the materials needed. When they arrive at our office, we cut them according to your measurements right in our shop, then bring all the already-cut and ready pieces to your home to install.

Our Expertise Is Unmatched

The dictionary describes an expert as someone who possesses special skill and/or knowledge in a specific field. Based on that definition, we are most definitely glass experts. We know the ins and outs of glass, the best practices, even how to make your own glass cleaner. You can trust us when you ask for our opinions. We always strive to give you all of your options, and arm you with the best solutions. We’ve been in this industry since 1984, and have been around the glass block quite a few times.

We Have a Quick Turnaround

Lastly, since we know exactly what we are doing, you’ll never have to wait around for us to finish up a project. We are known for having a quick turnaround and for meeting deadlines. Our team is efficient, and good at their jobs. Hence, most residential glass projects only take a few days to complete.

If you’re interested in hiring Janssen Glass & Door for a project, give us a call at (913) 677-5727. We are here to answer any and all of your questions about our company, glass, mirrors, and our projects.

Types of Glass for Your Shower Doors

Your Kansas City shower is your sanctuary. It’s where you can unwind, relax, and recharge. If you don’t feel that way about your bathroom, it’s time to let Janssen Glass & Door help change that. We specialize in glass shower doors, and can customize yours to fit whatever style you like. Many of our customers don’t know that we can create and install several different types of glass shower doors. Here’s a breakdown of our three most commonly requested shower door styles, in no particular order.

Frosted Glass Shower DoorsFrosted Glass Shower Doors

If you’re not one to bare it all, and enjoy a little more privacy while you unwind, frosted glass shower doors are the perfect fit for you. Frosted glass doors still allow light to penetrate the doors, but it blurs the view of what’s inside (and outside) of the shower enclosure. You can use frosted light glass shower doors with frames, or choose frosted heavy glass shower doors than can stand on their own with simple hardware. We can even install glass shower doors that are half frosted, and half clear. The possibilities are endless.

Patterned Glass Shower Doors

Patterned Glass Shower Door

If you have a more playful personality and enjoy unique surroundings, patterned glass shower doors will suit you well. When you choose Janssen Glass & Door to install your Kansas City shower doors you can choose from a wide array of patterns. From custom floral designs to simpler water ripple patterns, you can create any ambiance with so many choices.

Heavy Glass Shower Subway TilesHeavy Glass Shower Doors

Lastly, our most popular showers tend to be simplistic and modern clear heavy glass shower doors with minimal hardware. These types of shower doors can be customized with the type of hardware you choose to install with them. You can leave it simple with a smooth platinum door pull, or add more flair with a towel bar on the outside of the shower door.


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Whatever your style, whatever your needs, call Janssen Glass & Door to help you create your custom bathroom at (913) 677-5727.

Custom Glass Table Tops for Your New Furniture

Protect Table With Custom GlassKansas City residents are going crazy for IKEA this fall with the opening of the new store in Merriam. IKEA stores have been popular for their concept of selling a wide range of home furnishing products that are very affordable for all budgets. But, of course, with more affordability, sometimes you must sacrifice quality. Janssen Glass & Door can help you keep your affordable furniture looking exquisite for years to come though. How, you ask? With a custom glass table top for your new IKEA tables! This small investment will keep your furniture free of stains, glass marks, watermarks, and scratches.

Step 1: Buy Your IKEA Table

To start the process, you first must choose the IKEA table of your liking. From side tables and coffee tables to large kitchen and dining room tables, Janssen Glass & Door can create a custom glass table top for any size furniture you decide to purchase.

Step 2: Janssen Glass & Door Takes the Measurements

Onec you have the table, Janssen Glass & Door will come to your home to take measurements of the furniture. We will also talk to you about the project to make sure we are meeting your needs.

Step 3: Decide on Type of Glass Top & Edges

Now it’s time to truly customize your table. Choose what type of glass you would like to protect your table. We stock a variety of glass styles up to 1/2’” thick. Then, you can also decide what type of glass edge you would like for your table. Beveled, flat polished, pencil polished, and O.C. polished – those are just some of the options. We can also design a custom glass edge if you prefer.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Custom & Affordable Table

Janssen Glass has a quick turnaround on custom glass pieces, and will have you enjoying your new affordable IKEA table in no time! Never worry about spills or scratches again!

Call Janssen Glass & Door at 866-677-5727 today to get started on your custom glass table top project.

Janssen Glass & Door Helps Design New Overland Park Development

Commercial Glass Project Janssen GlassJanssen Glass & Door is proud to be a part of the PririeFire development at 135th and Nall in Overland Park. It’s a lively and varied development that houses lots of activities and attractions for all ages. Janssen Glass & Door had the amazing opportunity to help develop commercial glass structures for several different attractions which are now open and ready for the public.

Museum at Prairiefire

One of the big draws to the Prairiefire development for families is the Museum. It’s home to renowned exhibitions and authentic artifacts from the American Museum of Natural History, one of the most celebrated museums in the world. Janssen Glass & Door created the showcases for fossils and other artifacts that are shown here. We used anti-reflective, low iron glass. This gives the glass a green tint. We also had to air-seal the showcases to keep the humidity levels stable. The artifacts inside need to be kept away from damaging factors, such as humidity, harsh light, and human touch. We took these precautions because the display had to meet the requirements set by artifact museums to host the best high attraction artifacts and exhibits.

Cinetopia & Pinstripes

Janssen Glass & Door also had the opportunity to work closely with two other attractions in the Prairiefire development. We installed nearly all of the glass inside the upscale modern movie theater, Cinetopia. We even made the glowball lighting pieces over each entrance in the theater. We also installed much of the glass inside Pinstripes, an upscale gaming and bistro event space. There, you can play games like bocce ball and bowling while eating a bistro-inspired menu.

Call Janssen Glass & Door today at (913) 677-5727 or (816) 472-5330 to discuss our commercial glass services, like glass entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, etc.