Month: May 2018

From Swinging, to Sliding, to Folding, Window Walls Are Practical & Impressive

We always think of glass when talking about windows, but glass can be used to create walls as well. Window walls are are making a splash in modern home design. Take a look at some of these ingenious ways to use glass walls as interior room separators as well as doors to the outside.

Folding Interior Window Wall


This folding interior window wall allows the kitchen to be closed off from the adjacent room without reducing the amount of light in the room. It also allows for a wide walkway when open for easy access even if there’s a crowd of people.





Interior Pocket Doors

These interior pocket doors disappear into the walls when not in use. Even partially closed, they create a feeling of privacy and coziness despite the fact that they are mostly clear glass.






Pivoting Exterior Doors



These pivoting exterior doors create an easy way to extend the room to include the adjacent patio. They also allow for an uninhibited view when closed, so nature always seems near.




Sliding Window Wall

This sliding window wall with its triple track almost disappears when open. The sections slide back to the width of only one panel when fully open. It’s a great way to separate rooms with a large expansive opening between them.

If you’re looking for a way to open up your floor plan, consider removing solid walls and replacing them with window walls. They will give you walls when you want walls and open spaces when you don’t. Plus, we think they look pretty impressive too.  

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