Month: March 2015

3 Ways to Use Glass to Beautify Your Patio

This summer show off your outdoor living space with custom glass pieces from Kansas City’s preferred glass specialist, Janssen Glass & Door. We specialize in glass, and can custom create pieces for anything you might want. We love how clean and classic it looks in literally any setting. Here are three beautiful ways to incorporate this look into your patio so you can enjoy it to the fullest this summer.

Glass Tabletop

Custom Glass Tabletop

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, Janssen Glass can create the perfect custom glass tabletop for your patio. We can make a glass table top to lay over an existing table, which helps create more stability for food and drink to sit on, or we can cut an entirely independent glass piece for a completely unique look. We can also create any glass edge type you’d like to complete your custom glass table.

Let the Light in with Glass Storm Doors

Your patio or porch is like an extension of your home, so treat it like one. Open up the inside of your home to the great outdoors by installing glass storm doors on your patio doors. This will allow more natural light into your home, which is a great way to brighten and open up your space without letting bugs, heat, and humidity inside.

Railings Custom GlassDon’t Obscure the View, Try Glass Railings

If you have a beautiful view from your patio or porch, don’t obstruct it with heavy wood or steel railings. Use custom glass railings to enclose  your space. This will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view from any vantage point  on your back patio. And don’t worry about glass railings being more fragile. We use special safety glass for these projects, which is very strong, but crumbles safely into large, round chunks instead of splintering into jagged edges like normal glass.

Learn more about the special glass types we use for outdoor projects and how to pick which is right for your patio in our blog post on Preparing The Glass on Your Kansas City Porch for Spring.

Call Janssen Glass & Door for unique custom glass pieces for your outdoor living space this summer at (913) 677-5727.