Month: July 2020

Best Frameless Shower Door Installation in Kansas City









At Janssen Glass, we love installing frameless shower doors. We love the way they make homes look. We are proud of our vast selection of doors and styles to choose from. We love the reactions from our customers when we’re finished. We love designing custom showers. We love making sure they’re installed the right way. But most of all, we love helping people. Whether you’re remodeling your old bathroom or adding a new bathroom, talk to the experts at Janssen Glass & Door. We will make the whole process a breeze. 

Great Selection of Shower Doors

First of all, we have a great selection of framed and frameless shower doors to choose from. Today, with all of the glass choices in color, design, and configuration, you can create beautiful showers that actually become the centerpiece of your bathroom. From clear glass to elaborate patterns, with Janssen Glass, we’re going to make it look great!

Professional Installation

We have been designing and installing glass shower doors for almost four decades. We  have a great reputation in Kansas City. Ask around. From framed to frameless, from sliding doors to swinging doors to door and panel enclosures, from small showers to shower rooms, basic to custom designed, we do it all! 

Custom Shower Designs

Speaking of custom designs, we can help fit a shower into a small bathroom, expand a small shower to create a luxury shower with multiple heads, built-in benches, shampoo nooks, and more, or even replace your underused bathtub with a shower. You tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll custom design a shower you’ll love. 

Shower Glass Repairs

We even do glass repairs for shower doors. We have an in-house shop where we cut any glass you need to size and bring it to your home to install. 

Whether you’re just updating from framed to frameless, or you need a whole new bathroom and shower redesign, call us and we’ll help you design the bathroom of your dreams. 

Visit our shower door design gallery online. We design custom shower enclosures for our customers every day, so talk to us before you make any mistakes. Call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727 in Kansas and (816) 472-5330 in Missouri when you’re ready to remodel your bathroom.