Month: May 2022

Luxury Showers – 5 Reasons behind the No-Tub Trend

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, congratulations! You’re doing it at the right time. Not that there is a wrong time to remodel your bathroom, but rather, you’re at the start of a new trend. Had you remodeled your bathroom, say before 2019 or so, you may have missed the opportunity to change your jetted tub into a luxury shower. That’s because the no-tub trend was just getting started. 

What Is the No-Tub Trend?

Back in the 80s and 90s large jetted tubs were the latest luxury in new residential construction. While they are wonderful, many homeowners have found that they rarely use them. Most people prefer to shower every day as opposed to taking a bath. Subsequently, the bath took up a lot of space without being very practical. Fast forward to today, twenty to thirty years later and many of these homes are being updated. Those who are remodeling are realizing that they would not miss their large tubs at all and would get much more use and enjoyment out of a larger, more luxurious shower. Thus, many tubs are being replaced by larger, more elegant showers.

Top 5 Reasons for Replacing the Tub

There are various reasons homeowners are getting rid of their large soaking or jetted tubs. Depending on your lifestyle, age, and bathroom preferences, it may make sense for you too. Here are some of the top reasons listed:

  • Never use it
  • Takes up too much space
  • Already have another tub in the house
  • Would like more space to expand shower enclosure
  • Tubs are not easy to get into and out of for older adults

What About Resale?

But what if the person buying the home really wants a tub? This is a fair question. There may be someone who loves to take baths on a regular basis. Would they be opposed to buying a home with no bathtub in the master suite? It’s possible. That’s why the best argument for removing the tub is that there are tubs available in other bathrooms. As long as you have a tub somewhere in your home, it shouldn’t be a problem for resale. It’s important to have at least one tub for bathing children, washing pets, therapeutic baths for medical recovery, or soaking something large. But usually, one tub is plenty. If they really want to soak in a tub, there is still one available in the home. It’s a lifestyle choice and every home is unique, so you just have to decide if a potential buyer would be more impressed with a larger master shower or disappointed with the lack of a tub. Ultimately, it’s your home and you should design it for your lifestyle. 

Advantages of  Adding a Luxury Shower

While some may mourn the loss of the tub, others may rejoice over a gloriously large and modern shower enclosure. Today’s luxury showers really elevate the aesthetics of the room as well as the shower experience itself. built-in benches and wall nooks, beautiful tile work, multiple shower heads, saunas, and many more modern updates, upgrading to a luxury shower brings the spa experience to your home. With today’s sleek and frameless shower doors, shower enclosures will not only improve the experience, but they usually create the illusion of more space because of the lack of a frame around the glass doors. With the invention of heavy glass, modern shower doors are sturdy enough to be frameless so there is less hardware to obstruct the view or block the light. Usually, they can be installed with a few small  clips attached to the wall. This also makes them ideal for showcasing beautiful tile work inside the shower.   

If you are remodeling your master bathroom and planning to remove your large jetted tub and replace it with a luxury shower, be sure to visit Janssen Glass. We have a huge showroom with lots of frameless shower door styles to choose from. Plus, we create custom shower enclosures every day. We can help you design your space and install your new shower. Just give us a call at (913) 677-5727 in Kansas and (816) 472-5330 in Missouri when you’re ready to remodel your bathroom.