Month: June 2014

3 Things You Didn’t Know Janssen Glass & Door Could Do With Glass

Janssen Glass & Door in Kansas City is known for our commercial glass storefronts, our residential shower doors, and custom mirrors. But there are a lot of other projects that we can do with glass that most people aren’t aware of. Take for example the three projects below:

Use Glass Instead of Spindles on a Staircase or Deck

If you want a more modern and simple look to your home, try this out-of-the-box design idea. Instead of spindles, we can install custom glass sheets to line your staircase, from stair to railing. This design allows for more light to pass through, brightening the entire area. This looks gorgeous in an entryway where there are a lot of windows.

We can also install custom glass sheets used in place of spindles on a patio or deck. This design doesn’t hinder your view, allowing you to take in so much more scenery, whether that is a beautifully wooded backyard, or a city skyline.

We Can Install Safety Glass

If you like the look of glass staircases and decks, but worry about the safety of it, we’ve got you covered. We can install safety glass in these fixtures, or even in window and door fixtures. Our safety glass is stronger, thicker, more durable, and also less likely to scratch or smudge. We use safety glass in many of our commercial glass storefronts and windows.

Let in the Light with Glass Awnings

If you are a business owner or a homeowner looking to add an awning above an entranceway, but don’t want to block out the light, glass awnings are a great alternative. We can install flat, curved, single piece, multi-piece, anything you want. And glass awnings will harmonize with almost any style.

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