Month: May 2016

Go Frameless & Show Off Your Shower Door

Glass shower doors have come a long way in recent years, offering different textures, color, design, and configuration. Shower doors are no longer used to simply keep water in the shower, but as a design element and focal point in bathrooms everywhere.

One shower door trend that is sweeping the nation is frameless shower doors. Today, we are giving you all the details on this popular trend, and how Janssen Glass can help transform your bathroom from drab to fab with one simple update: your shower door.

Why Go Frameless?

A few decades ago, frameless shower doors weren’t an option because the thin glass being used within this industry wasn’t able to stand alone without a frame for support. However, with today’s option of using heavier glass, the possibilities and benefits are endless. Below are just a few reasons to consider going frameless.

A Minor Update with Major Results

Frameless shower doors have the ability to update any bathroom. Since the introduction of frameless shower doors, framed doors are starting to look very dated. Because heavy glass is used to make frameless doors, you can stop focusing on tacky door frames. Adding a frameless shower door is a great way to update an outdated bathroom, while also adding resale value to your home.

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Expand Your Bathroom Without the Hassle of Renovation

Because frameless doors are so commanding, going frameless will make the biggest impact on updating your bathroom, especially in a smaller bathroom. By adding a frameless shower door, your bathroom will feel exponentially bigger, and will allow guests to focus on more beautiful, important aspects of your bathroom instead of your outdated shower door.

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Re-Focus Your Bathroom Focal Point

Replacing your shower door can provide a brand new focal point to your bathroom. Frameless glass shower doors open up your bathroom, allowing guests to appreciate the tile work and other design elements within your shower, instead of focusing on not-so-pretty things, like the toilet beside it.

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Need It Customized? No Problem!  



At Janssen Glass, we have over 20 glass patterns to choose from for both light to heavy glass shower doors. So if you’re just looking to repair or update the glass in your existing shower doors, we can do that.

But if you really want to be inspired, visit our residential gallery online and see how beautiful heavy glass shower doors can be. We can design and custom cut glass for any kind of shower enclosure you may need.

Ready to give your shower door the update it deserves? Contact us today or visit our website for more information on how we can make your bathroom vision a reality.