Month: March 2017

5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Glass into Your Outdoor Space

pivoting glass doors for patio

If you’re looking for a way to make your patio stand out, consider adding some custom glass features. Yes, glass! Believe it or not, there are a number of ways glass can help you put your own personal stamp on your patio, taking it from ordinary to unexpectedly extraordinary.

Don’t believe us? Give some thought to these 5 creative ways of using glass on a patio and you’ll begin to get an idea of what we’re talking about when we say that glass can take your patio up a notch.

1. Glass “Walls”

custom glass lit with led lightsYour patio or porch is like an extension of your home, so treat it like one.

This creative patio design uses sandblasted glass and LED lights to create an enclosed space that offers privacy by day and a spark of colorful drama by night.

2. Pivoting Glass Doors

Rather than the usual sliding glass or French doors connecting your living space to your patio, open up the inside of your home to the great outdoors by installing pivoting glass doors. Blur the space between indoors and outdoors and add an unexpected modern flair to a patio that’s right off the house.


3. Frosted Glass Patio Cover

Frosted Glass Patio CoverA patio cover is a great way to allow you to stay on the patio even when an occasional rain shower passes through.

But instead of shading the area with a solid cover, consider using frosted glass panels in a wooden frame to allow some filtered light to come through, keeping the patio or deck bright and welcoming even on a partly cloudy day.

This will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view from any vantage point on your back patio.


4. Glass Pool Surround

frameless glass pool wallYour scenic backyard shouldn’t be closed off with a bulky barrier around your pool, don’t obstruct it with a heavy wood or steel railing.

Use custom glass railings to enclose your pool instead of a solid or chain-link fence. This contemporary tempered glass enclosure creates a clean, modern effect for your outdoor living space.

And don’t worry about glass railings being more fragile, we use special safety glass for these projects, which is extremely strong. If it is somehow broken, it crumbles safely into large, round chunks instead of splintering into jagged edges like normal glass.


5. Glass-Topped Patio Table

glass table top for patio tableIt’s amazing to see how many creative ideas for table bases people can come up with, and there’s no better way to show off a unique table base than with a custom-cut glass top.

Instead of going with a store-bought patio table, make yours one-of-a-kind and special!

We can make a glass table top to lay over an existing table, which helps create more stability for food and drink to sit on, or we can cut an entirely independent glass piece for a completely unique look.

We can also create any glass edge type you’d like to complete your custom glass table.

If you have an idea for a special glass patio feature or enhancement, call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727. We serve the entire KC Metro and provide a custom glass shop with experienced craftsmen and designers ready to turn your unique glass visions into reality!