Month: August 2016

Easy Solutions to the 4 Most Common Shower Problems

Easy Solutions to the 4 Most Common Shower Problems JanssenLet me guess, you’re having some issues with your shower. It’s not time to renovate, but there are a few small things that get on your nerves.

Don’t worry! Janssen Glass has a few tips for helping you eliminate common shower problems.

Less Than Sparkling Glass

Don’t make these common mistakes with glass shower doors. If your glass is looking lackluster, it might be time to switch up your cleaning routine! Make sure to clean top to bottom, with a quality solution, to avoid getting dirt or debris on the parts you’ve already cleaned.

Many homeowners don’t know that ammonia can taint your glass by creating a film or tint. If you’re looking for a quality cleaning solution, Sprayway is a great ammonia-free option that leaves a spotless finish.

Put the paper towels down! Paper towels and old rags can leave behind lint. If your goal is streak-free glass, use a lint-free cotton cloth and squeegee.

Fix That Dreaded Drip

Easy Solutions to the 4 Most Common Shower Problems Shower HeadTired of hearing “drip, drip, drip” all night long? Don’t rip out the faucet in a fit of rage. There might be a solution to the drip, without replacing the whole showerhead.

It may be time to replace the cartridge inside your faucet. Instructions vary by manufacturer, but in most cases you can install the new cartridge yourself. Make sure to turn off the water supply and check out this how-to guide for single-handle, cartridge-style faucets.

Gross Grout

Homeowners often get aggressive with their grout, too aggressive. Grout can be damaged by the use of bleach and other highly abrasive chemicals. Mild cleaning solutions, some elbow grease, and a stiff brush are your best bet for clean grout. If your problem is mildew, here are some tips for getting rid of mold and mildew.

Shower Leaks

Do you have puddles around your shower? Remember that glass shower doors are not watertight! If you suspect issues around the frame of your shower, normal use does take its toll, consider replacing shower caulking.

For more tips from the professionals at Janssen Glass, check out our blog, here! If it’s time for a new shower door, call Janssen Glass at (913) 677-5727.

Window Problems That Lower Your Resale Value

fix-glass-windows-or-lose-money-resale-janssen-glassLike most sellers, you want to get the most that you can for your house when you put it on the market. You already know where the problems are. Some are relatively easy, inexpensive DIY fixes, like a fresh coat of paint in the living room or replacing the damaged molding in the bedroom.

But what about a bigger, more expensive issue, like the windows? Most of them are in decent shape, but you’ve got a couple that are foggy-looking, and one of them has a small crack and a chip in it. Another one is a little drafty. Is it worth the expense to fix those glass issues? The short answer is yes.

Fixing Bad Windows Is a Smart Move

Windows are an important component in a home’s integrity. You wouldn’t want to buy a house with a leaky roof or with no insulation! Even if you liked the house in spite of those problems, you’d want the seller to lower the price to compensate for the fact that you’d need to replace the roof, or tear down walls to add insulation. The same applies to windows.

Common Window Problems and Solutions

We live in a time of rising energy costs, and buyers want those costs to be as low as possible. So let’s take a look at how a window professional would address your issues:

  • Foggy windows mean that the seal between glass layers has failed and moisture has gotten in. This is more of an aesthetic problem than anything else, but it’s not going away, and will get worse over time. The best remedy is replacement.
  • Cracked or broken windows are a common problem, especially when the homeowner is trimming with the weed whacker too near the house! Sometimes the glass will break simply because the window was “painted-in”  and then forced open. Whatever the reason, depending how much damage occurred, it needs a repair or a replacement.
  • Drafty windows are a problem, because the draft means they are definitely leaking warm air and letting cold air in during the winter (and vice-versa in summer). You can try a DIY repair with weather-stripping or caulk. If that works, great! If not, replacement is in order.

Windows That Are Fixed Help Your Selling Price Stay Fixed

Spending money upfront to fix your glass issues will almost certainly cost less than coming down substantially on your selling price, not to mention that a well-cared for house sells faster than one with obvious problems.

If you’ve got window problems, contact us online or call us at (913) 677-5727. Janssen Glass has been providing expert window replacement and repair services in Overland Park and surrounding areas for more than three decades and have a 99% customer satisfaction record!