Month: August 2014

The Importance of Safety Glass

Safety Glass JanssenSafety glass plays a number of roles in homes and businesses. Besides the obvious stated in its name, safety glass has several benefits. Janssen Glass specializes in custom safety glass for Kansas City area homes and businesses and explains why it’s becoming a more popular choice.

Acts as a Natural Barrier

One of the great benefits of safety glass for businesses is its ability to act as a natural barrier and provide more security to the things and people inside the business. Safety glass barriers are a great way to control foot traffic in your business or store while still keeping the environment open and airy. This solution is commonly used in schools and institutions.

Provides Greater Security

Safety glass can also provide greater security for the people in and around your home or business. Safety glass, especially tempered glass, is specifically made to withstand blows nearly four times the amount needed to break untreated glass. And if it does break it is constructed to crumble into smaller pieces instead of shatter. This reduces the likelihood that someone will hurt themselves on broken or jagged glass pieces. You can normally find tempered glass in large business storefronts and schools, or in homes as glass tables or shower doors. Laminated glass is more likely to be found in entrance doors, bank teller windows, and in homes as glass cabinets, windows, and glass doors. The benefit of laminated glass is that when it breaks it will most likely stay in its frame. Laminated glass consists of two or more panes of glass that are bonded together by a durable plastic layer. This enables the glass to strongly resist breakage, and even when it does, it looks more like a crack and the glass stays in place.

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While safety glass has more added benefits than normal custom glass, it can still be installed on a budget. Janssen Glass can retrofit safety glass into existing glass or window structures, which can save you money on the overall cost.

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