Month: July 2014

Janssen Glass & Door Talents Shine Through

Dealership Janssen Glass ProjectRecently the Janssen Glass & Door team took on a large project for the Olathe Lincoln Dealership. The dealership wanted a showroom with lots of glass, interior and exterior, which showed off and complemented the beautiful cars that are inside. The assorted project required several different glazing systems and a lot of planning to accommodate the dealership’s needs. Janssen Glass & Door took a conceptual idea and turned it into reality for the Olathe Lincoln Dealership. You can see the concept design on the left of the picture and the final product on the right. It was a challenging but rewarding project that turned out beautifully after a few months of hard work.

Commercial Glazing Systems That Wow

This was a diverse commercial project that required a lot of different systems throughout the dealership. We used a Kawneer, multi-story glazing system for the glass curtain walls in the storefront. The 600 LR low rise system is more than 12 feet in height and adds a lot of natural lighting to the inside of the dealership, as well as allows customers to see inside while shopping on the lot. The structure is built to withstand a strong wind load to protect the valuable cars inside from shattered glass.

Glass That Multi-Tasks

The glass we used for all the exterior windows throughout the dealership is a PPG Solarban 70. This type of insulated glass has thermal properties that lessen heating and cooling bills. The glass also utilizes color neutrality so that the inside of the dealership has beautiful natural lighting that doesn’t appear tinted and allows customers to see cars in their true shades.

Operational Glass Doors

The showroom leaf doors on the side of the building are built so that one leaf is larger than the other. We worked this system into the design to allow cars to get in and out of the dealership without adding too much bulk or inefficiency. It also keeps the design fluid throughout the showroom.

On the front of the building we used two types of doors. On the exterior we used insulated glass doors, which have two panes of glass with dead air inside. This type of glass door is good for extreme climates, like the ones in the Midwest. Then, once you pass through a vestibule you get to the interior heavy glass doors, which continue with the light and open theme throughout the store. Having two sets of glass doors with a vestibule in between allows customers to come and go without bringing the weather inside and affecting the inside climate.

If you’re interested in a commercial glass project with varying glazing systems call Janssen Glass & Door for an estimate.

The Difference Between Laminated Glass & Tempered Glass

Types of Safety GlassJanssen Glass & Door offers a wide variety of options when it comes to glass products for your home or business. We even offer two types of safety glass. While both laminated and tempered glass are considered safety glass, the way they are constructed, and they way they work differ. Laminated glass is made with a piece of plastic laminate material between two glass panes and is effective at preventing break-ins and theft. Tempered glass undergoes a special process that hardens the glass substantially, and poses less of a threat when it is shattered. See how the two safety glasses differ, what they can do for you, and where you can use them in your home or business in the infographic below.

Janssen Glass & Door Laminated vs. Tempered Glass Infographic