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Digitally Printed Glass: The New Futuristic Alternative to Stained Glass

janssen-glass-digitally-stained-glass-commercial-buildingForget the cookie-cutter mentality–we’re in the age of personalization. Whether it’s our phones, our home, or our office, we like to make our lives feel unique and reflect our personal style. This new glass trend is attracting the attention of businesses and homeowners alike by breaking barriers and adding yet another aspect of customization to our lives, where the only limitation is your own imagination. Continue reading to learn more…

What Is Digitally Printed Glass & How Is It Done?

janssen-glass-digitally-printed-frameless-glass-shower-doorDigitally printed glass is a method of using ceramic paint to add images, patterns, or text into flat glass surfaces using ceramic glass printing technology. The process begins with a high-resolution image being sent to a specialized printer mounted on a track, under which glass panels are added. Unique software is used to tell the printer the size of glass pane being used; among other details such as if the image will be in black and white or color.

The printer then copies the image onto the glass precisely using a revolutionary type of ceramic ink. The glass pane is then transferred to an oven for thermal curing. Once complete, the ink will be weather proof, scratch proof, UV resistant, and nearly impossible to remove from the glass. This means it will remain vibrant and damage-resistant for years to come. Accidents can always happen, but luckily, when disaster strikes, repair and replacement is both easy and cost-effective compared to other glass methods.

Where Can Digitally Printed Glass Be Used?

janssen-glass-digitally-printed-marble-glass-kitchen-backsplashWith features such as adjustable transparency and opacity, which are used to create subtle textures or the tiniest of details within a photo, the possible uses for this new glass technology are endless. Here are some examples:

  • Home: Imagine adding your family’s beach photo to your shower door or privacy panels with exquisite nature scenes to separate spaces. Try amping up your kitchen with a new back splash (like the one to the right) printed to look like marble that gets people talking while remaining easy to clean and sanitize. Another great option is to have an old, cherished family photo digitized and printed for extra durability.
  • Commercial: At work, branding your company logo on the outside windows can make a huge impact. Entire entryways can have a faux brick texture to set a welcoming mood. Or a faux salt aquarium to set the mood in a dentist’s waiting room without the maintenance. Print your store hours right onto the glass door panels and add permanent safety reminders on the bathroom mirrors.
  • janssen-glass-conference-room-digitally-printed-glass-new-technologySchools. Many classrooms can be personalized with fun and contemporary images to keep an open feel while helping to minimize distractions. You can also add soothing scenes or colors to the windows of your classroom to help ease students into productivity.
  • Churches: Many churches are known for having beautiful stained glass, but many are starting to opt for digitally printed glass instead. Why? Digitally printed glass can give the exact same effect as stained glass, but it’s easier and more cost efficient to install and it’s much faster, easier, and cheaper to repair.

Expert Tip: Use digitally printed glass to add tint to the windows of your business or home to minimize sunlight and help reduce cooling costs!

Digitally Printed Glass vs. Stained Glass

New stained glass windows at St Mary's Church in Darwin
New stained glass windows at St Mary’s Church in Darwin

For centuries, humanity the world over would unanimously agree that few sights are as stunning as a full mosaic of stained glass. Similarly, little could compare to the delicate lattice-work of etched glass. These two kings of glass art worked to instill a sense of royalty, money, and power from onlookers of such pieces. However, as the saying goes, heavy is the crown.

Though they are both beautiful in their complexity, these titans of the glass world don’t come cheap, and don’t hang around for cheap either. If your stained or etched glass is broken, it can cost anywhere between $177-$402 in stained glass repair. Stained glass also needs regular maintenance such as re-grouting of the glass panels, and re-leading of the mosaic itself. Etched glass doesn’t fare any better, with costs being so high, repair estimates aren’t normally listed.

These are just a few ways customers are utilizing this new technology. If you’d like to learn more about what digital printing can bring to your home or business, give Janssen Glass a call at (913) 677-5727 or contact us online today!

The Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2017

It’s the start of a new year, and with it comes new trends in remodeling. If you’re looking to refinish your bathroom with the latest and greatest, then you’re in luck, because we’ve put together a handy list that includes just that.

Radiant Flooring

Heating your bathroom shouldn’t ever be a problem if you use radiant floor heating. Luxury comes with warm toes on a cold winter’s morning, and this little bit of extra will never go wrong. It also makes your house a hot commodity at resale because future buyers simply love this added feature (especially in the colder climates).

Frameless Glass Doors

janssen-radiant-flooring-bathroom-remodelSimple, elegant and clean is the way to go when choosing your glass shower doors. Frameless doors add value to your home with their beauty and impact. The trick is getting them installed perfectly, which is easily done by hiring a professional (as the glass is heavy and breakable, it’s best to have someone who knows what they’re doing), such as the ones at Janssen Glass. Frameless doors are the newest trend in showers, giving your bathroom an automatically updated feel.

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White Tile

While bold colors are coming into style, white tile has remained classic and stylish. If you’re wanting to make an impact but don’t want to take the risk of new colors, white is the way to go. Buyers love a clean look, and white tiles in any pattern or design are one way of making a statement.

Natural Materials

Organic is on the rise, as is incorporating “green” touches into your remodels. Bamboo flooring seems to be a fan favorite, but other organic touches seem to be making their mark too. The key is to not go overboard, and use the touches as just that.

Smart Storage

When wanting to make a statement with your new bathroom, you need to remember to make it practical as well. The newest trends show smarter storage, with vertical built in cabinets, or decorative armoires. Whatever your decision, the storage is the important part.

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Brass Accentsjanssen-brass-sink-accents-bathroom-tasks

Brass accents are back in style! To be fair, the seventies touch can be a bit much if you go too far, but brass faucets in a lovely bathroom will add just a little bling to the room. 2017 is promising to bring back this style, as more and more homeowners are finding it appealing.

Geometric Designs

And finally, the latest and biggest in bathroom trends is the introduction of geometric design; the bolder the better. Patterns and designs in the most modern of geometric style are coming into play now, with buyers and remodelers looking for impact.

Remodeling should, of course, be done to fit your needs and style, but if you know you’re going to sell in the future, it’s good to know what trends to follow.

Ready to start your remodel? We’d love to help! Feel free to contact the experts at Janssen Glass today!