The #1 Tool for a Sparkling Glass Shower Door


You may follow a routine while cleaning your glass shower door, but do you squeegee? Although the name ‘squeegee’ is less than serious, if not laughable, what is serious are the major results this cleaning tool provides while cleaning your glass shower door.

Here’s how using a squeegee will keep your beautiful Janssen Glass shower doors sparkling clean and looking their best.

Why Do Squeegees Work Best for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors?

When left on the glass or metal shower frame, water and soap residue can etch and pit the surfaces deteriorating the look and quality of glass and metal in your shower over time. Using a squeegee on your glass shower door removes this residue and also prevents mineral buildup which keeps your shower door shiny, clear, and beautiful.

We suggest cleaning your glass with a squeegee after every shower. Don’t fret, this only takes a minute or two, and it will quickly become part of your bath-time routine. Why so frequently? Using a squeegee after each shower eliminates mineral build up before it can even start, which makes cleaning a breeze and leaves your glass shower door in pristine condition for years to come!

How Do I Choose the Right Squeegee?

  • Pick a squeegee with replaceable silicone blades for best ongoing results.
  • Find one that feels comfortable in your hand. Sounds silly, but comfort counts!
  • Look for sturdy, lightweight construction in a squeegee. A good squeegee, like this one from Oxo, will help protect your shower over time.

What Cleaning Solution Do I Use?

  • Using strong chemicals in small spaces, such as bathrooms and showers is bad for your health.
  • Chemicals also cause damage to metals and other materials in and around your glass doors.
  • We recommend a cleaner that is environmentally friendly, like Method Glass Cleaner or Parsley Plus. Your mother may have convinced you that ammonia based cleaners were necessary for streak-free glass, but sorry, mom, that’s just not the case anymore.

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