How to Spruce Up Any Old Coffee Table

coffee-table-do-it-yourselfA coffee table is a must for most living rooms and family rooms, but do you really need to break the bank when choosing one? Not with Janssen Glass’ tips for sprucing up your old coffee table! Below are the must-haves that we would add to your standard wood coffee table.

Paint Your Table

First things first, you will want to paint your coffee table. Follow these simple steps:


  • Remove Old Paint: If you’re using an old coffee table with existing paint, you should first remove the old paint so that the wood is exposed. We recommend using paint stripper with a putty knife.
  • Remove Stain/Finish: If your coffee table was originally stained then you will need to use a different method to expose the wood. We recommend sanding by hand with an 80 – 100 grit paper. The higher the grit of the paper, the smoother the wood will be.
  • Prime: If you’re using a table that isn’t wood, you will want to first prime it. We recommend using the same method to apply primer that you are using to paint the table.
  • Paint: Now it’s time to apply the paint! Some paints require multiple coats, so testing on a scrap piece of wood beforehand will give you a good indication of what to expect. Trending today: chalk paint, grays, and whites.

Add a Glass Top

Being a glass company, we believe that glass makes anything more elegant. To really spruce up your coffee table, have a custom glass top made for it. Not sure how to do that? Use this step-by-step guide from the Janssen Glass team.

Style Your Table

Lastly, you will want to style your table. Using magazines and candles or drink trays and plants, there are numerous ways to style your table. Try these tips from Good Housekeeping.

Voila! Your coffee table has now gone from drab to fab. Looking for more helpful tips? Stay up to date with Janssen Glass’ Tips & Tricks for Homeowners.