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The Right Time For Window Replacement

You may have heard your parents say, “there’s a time and a place for that.” It was probably when you were acting wild in the store or shouting in a place that you needed to be quiet, right? There definitely is a time for certain things. Like replacement windows in Kansas City Metro. And, as a homeowner, you need to be able to figure out the right timing for that project. So what’s the time to get new windows? Here are a few times that will make things feel right for the process.

Time 1: The Windows Are Failing Big Time

You’ve noticed your windows don’t look right in the frames any longer. They’re warped and the air just flows through like it has an embossed invitation. You may have also noticed that some of the areas on the frames are soft. That’s not a good thing. That means rot has settled in. And while you might be able to slow it’s spread, you can’t reverse it. The windows are failing. The best you can do is get new ones as soon as possible.

Time 2: Your Energy Bills Are Becoming A Problem

Families often have budgets and you have to fit everything into the amount you bring in on a monthly basis. When your energy bills climb and climb with no end in sight, it can become a problem within your budget. If you were to be using that energy, you’d have to find ways to cut back. But with old windows, chances are you are wasting energy. It’s just leaking out the windows, never even to be used—and you still have to pay for it. Getting new windows will solve the energy issue quickly.

Time 3: You Have The Funds For The Project

You need new windows. Perhaps you’ve known that for a while, and you got smart about it and started saving up toward them. The time might feel right to you when you notice that you have enough money in your savings for the process. You’ve saved well and you’re ready to move forward with confidence that you can get what you want at a nice-sized budget. It’s a nicer way to go than having to take out a loan or make payments on the windows if you can, that’s for sure.

When you are pretty certain that replacement windows in Kansas City Metro are in order, figuring out the right timing for the project is the key. Contact the professionals at Janssen Glass and we can come to your home for a free, in-home consultation. That will help you understand whether or not you need new windows and how fast you should get them. We can also give you advice and recommendations to help you get a feel for what options might work best for your home, what upgrades are the smartest, and other such options. We’re here to help you through the project step by step because we want you to get the results you desire, whatever that ends up being.

Not Ready to Give Up Your Patio Time? Here are a few ways to extend your time.

Just because the weather gets cooler in the fall, here in the Kansas City area, you don’t have to sacrifice time outdoors! Consider adding glass to enhance your patio. There are many ways to add glass to your patio that will add to its beauty and functionality. Glass also makes an excellent windbreak without obstructing your view. Envision trying one of the following four ideas in your backyard. It may just make your patio your favorite place to be in the fall season.

Make the Entrance to Your Patio a Sliding Glass Wall

sliding glass wall for patio

A sliding wall that opens to a back patio is a great way to extend your living area both visually and literally. By replacing the wall with movable glass, you naturally extend your home to the outside by removing any physical barriers. Imagine the ease of entertaining and how wonderful your next family gathering would be with the addition of a sliding glass wall.

Fire Pit Wind Guards Allow You to Enjoy the Warmth No Matter the Wind

glass wind guard for fire pit

Fire pits have become an extremely popular staple in many backyards, especially on cool nights. But sometimes cool nights are windy nights which disturb your fire.

The perfect solution is a glass wind guard that perfectly surrounds your fire pit. Enjoy the fire pit, reap the warmth, and assure that the flames stay in place.

Enclosed Patios Protect from Rain, Wind & Cold

Enclosing part or all of your patio with glass would give you longer periods of use assuring that you are still able to enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s rainy, windy or cool. Glass patio enclosures are attractive, leave the view intact, and add value to your home.

Glass Pergolas Add a Touch of Class

glass pergola for patio

Glass pergolas are an attractive alternative to the very popular wooden models. They add a unique beauty to your backyard, can protect from the sun and rain, and can be custom designed to your personal taste. Yet, because they are glass, they let the light through making the entire area seem unencumbered by architecture.

The experts at Janssen Glass & Door are ready to work with you to help enhance your outdoor living space and extend your patio season. Being specialists at customization, we will create beautiful glass pieces to fit your needs.

Call the experts at Janssen at (913) 677-5727 or contact us online and let us put our expertise to work for you.

5 Best Kitchen Window Ideas for Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of your home. No matter how you use the area, you will always need the right windows to provide the perfect balance between natural light and ventilation. Furthermore, prioritizing design and functionality can make your windows the room’s focal point.

Today, we wanted to share some window options and ideal styles for your kitchen to help get you started on your next remodel. Just imagine having a beautiful, updated kitchen for hosting the holidays!

Here are 5 of the best kitchen window ideas for your home.


Today’s stoves come with attractive exhaust covers and backsplashes that add aesthetic value to your kitchen. We can help complement this feature further by installing picture windows on each side.

Picture windows are large fixed windows that offer expansive views and light. They’re also energy efficient! These windows will give you a panoramic view of the outdoors and control over the amount of ventilation in the room. It’s a win/win for your kitchen.

Pro Tip: Add a sliding patio door for floor to ceiling views. The views will help you connect with nature by bringing the outside in. Don’t have space for a sliding door? Fret not, we can add an opening that would accommodate a sliding door, even if there was not an opening there before!


Install multiple windows side-by-side over the kitchen sink to make dishwashing more enjoyable for anyone involved. This setup will also give you the feeling that the outdoors is connected to your kitchen area.

The extra sunlight can also increase your mood, which is an added benefit when doing chores in the kitchen. 


Would you rather have the ability to combine the outdoors with your kitchen? Maybe you have a beautiful patio you’d like to be connected to or your view is something you want more of. Whatever the reason, slider windows are a perfect choice. These windows are also great for hosting indoor/outdoor events during warmer days!

Slider windows offer a simplified and space-saving design where swinging windows won’t work. These windows open horizontally instead of vertically, which makes them a great option for smaller kitchens. Windows that open up your space and make you feel closer to nature really are the best.


Installing bow or bay windows in your kitchen will let you enjoy more sunlight and a picturesque view. In fact, the available space provided by these types of windows can serve as its own dining area. This will give you the chance to enjoy breakfast without having to go to the dining room.

Bay windows are impressively versatile at enhancing almost any space, but they’re particularly popular in kitchens. In most cases, they can single-handedly add a variety of functions and reinvent your cooking area in ways you never thought possible.

Another fun idea if you’d rather not do a bow or bay window is installing corner windows. You can create the same breakfast nook and still welcome in plenty of light for an overall inspiring space.


Casement windows remain to be ideal choices in the kitchen area. They come with a crank that will let you open them fully for more fresh air.

Installing them over countertops is a great option. Since casement windows come with a crank, they’re perfect for areas in the kitchen that are hard to reach since they’re easier to open.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with the classic look of a casement window. And as we always say, the more windows you add in, the bigger your space seems. 

At Janssen Glass, we offer a wide selection of windows that you can customize to fit your kitchen best. Whatever your kitchen window style, our experts are ready to help you design the ideal look for your home. Call today to schedule your free appointment at 1-866-677-5727 or contact us HERE.

4 Key Reasons You Should Replace Your Windows This Summer

Summer is officially here and with it comes sweltering heat, blasted air conditioners, and/or more opened windows. Damaged, broken, or inefficient windows are known to cause discomfort as well as higher energy bills.

Maintaining your home’s windows can help ensure that it remains cozy and functional despite harsh climate conditions. Today we are sharing 4 key reasons you should replace your windows this summer.

1. The Windows are Damaged

Windows are some of the most used structures in your home. This constant use, however, can lead to deterioration. Don’t ignore that small crack or broken seal on your window. And, don’t try to fix it yourself. Remember that applying a quick fix to your window does not guarantee a permanent solution to the problem.

Things to look for when inspecting your windows:

  • rotted frames
  • failed caulking
  • cracked glass

Always remember that it is best to invest in an effective long-term solution before small window problems get out of hand.

2. The Windows are Inefficient

It’s always a good idea to keep track of your windows to ensure that the shifting seasons don’t catch you off guard. When you have a broken or inefficient window, it would be hard for it to filter the heat coming from outside, especially during the scorching summer season. So instead of being comfortable and feeling protected inside your home, you end up feeling hot and sticky because of your busted window.

Before you lose your cool literally and figuratively, it’s better to replace that old window of yours with a new one. At Janssen Glass, we offer high-quality replacement windows from some of the most trusted names in the industry. We make sure your new windows are installed correctly and sealed tightly to keep the unwanted heat out for good.

3. You are Suffering from a Huge Electricity Bill

As mentioned, air leaks or drafts can cause discomfort in your home, causing you to overwork your HVAC units. They will significantly drive up your energy costs. They usually come from small cracks, gaps, and crevices found in old and deteriorated windows and doors.

If you are having trouble with your windows, have a professional contractor inspect them now. You may not notice it easily, but an inefficient window that fails to regulate temperatures inside your home can cause you hefty cooling (and heating) bills.

4. Postponing can Cost More in the Long Run

Say you’ve noticed that your windows are leaking and in need of an upgrade, then postponing that can create permanent damage, which in turn can bring on major costs. But what if the damage isn’t an obvious leak or another easy tell? We know that sometimes it can be hard to see where your window stands and what exactly it needs.

If assessing the damage is too difficult, call-in window experts to give an assessment. And if a new window is needed, our experts can also help you choose window designs that will blend with your home’s architectural style and decor. 

If you’re ready to replace your windows this summer, our experts are here and ready to help. We have years of experience and extensive training to make sure that the products we install in your home perform well. Call today to schedule your free appointment at 1-866-677-5727 or contact us HERE.

Does Window Replacement Really Matter?

If you’re in the process of building a new home or renovating your current living space, you know that there are seemingly endless decisions to be made. For example, when it comes to windows for your new space, you will be bombarded with your choice of different window types, quality, glass selection and treatments.

It’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed.

In the face of so many decisions, you might be asking yourself: Does window placement really matter? And the answer is yes, window placement matters. A lot. Choosing the optimal physical location and orientation of your windows impacts your mood, energy bills and the function of your home.

Why Does Window Placement Matter?

Window placement matters for a variety of reasons. Chief among them:

  • Energy efficiency

By carefully planning where to install your windows you can bring sunlight and heat into a home during the winter months, but can also protect your home from direct heat and more.

  • Style and appearance

Your choice of window placement will help determine the style and the appearance of your home.

  • Bring the outdoors in

Windows allow homeowners to bring the outside in and create connection to the world around us. Embrace window placement that makes you feel more connected to your yard or neighborhood.

Window Placement for Energy Efficiency & More

Not only can the right window orientation and placement brighten the mood in any room; the proper window orientation can actually make your home more energy efficient. Orienting your windows toward the sun conserves energy in cool climates. Orienting windows away from the sun can help cut cooling costs in warm climates. And when you are saving energy, you are saving money!

Here is some information to help you determine which orientation will be the best fit for your room:

  • Northern Exposure

For even and natural lighting that will help you beat the summer heat, north-facing windows are the ticket. Northern exposure will provide consistent light throughout the day for a calm atmosphere, but it does not provide the most or brightest lighting.

  • Southern Exposure

South-facing windows allow for the most exposure to sunlight, especially in the winter months. However, southern exposure lighting tends to be a little harsh.

  • Eastern Exposure

Rise with the sun in a room with eastern-facing windows. Because eastern exposure provides the most sunlight in the morning hours, it is an early riser’s dream and a late sleeper’s nightmare.

  • Western Exposure

Bask in a warm afternoon glow and watch the sunset through your western-facing windows. But beware of the late-afternoon glare that might make you think twice about choosing western exposure for your TV room.

Planning Window Placement in Your Home With Help From Janssen Glass and Door

Planning window placement for your new or existing home? For optimal window placement consulting to sliding glass door repair and custom-cut glass solutions – lean on Janssen Glass and Door for all things glass and windows. Call 1-866-677-5727 today!

How to Differentiate Your Bathroom Using Tile

Your bathroom is your escape from the loud, fast-paced world. It’s where you are able to unwind and focus on yourself for a few minutes. So make the most of your bathroom by creating an inviting and relaxing space. How? Try creating the right shower with tile and we are sure the rest of your bathroom design will fall into place.

Traditional Shower TileGo Traditional with Subway Tile

From all subway tiles to glass tiles, try experimenting with a look that will work for you. Installing all glazed white subway tile will create a clean, simple, and traditional look and feel. Porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile all create a classic feel.

Mosaic Shower TileAccent with Glass Tile

Using glass mosaic tiles can create a more unique style that can help to incorporate a color scheme. From small, transparent mosaics to larger, opaque, shimmery tiles, there is an option for every style. Glass tile is usually suitable for both walls and countertops, so you can use it throughout your bathroom for the perfect accent tile. For example, use bright inserts of glass mosaic tile to update traditional, simple glazed tile. Use it to add a border or frame your shower shelving with glass mosaic tile. Further, multicolored mosaic tile patterns can provide textural and visual interest to any area of your bathroom.

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Stone Tile ShowerGo Natural with Stone Tiles

For a more natural look, go for stone tiles. Marble, limestone, travertine, and slate are all great choices. Pick from an array of tile sizes and colors. Go with a beige or sand colored stone for a lighter look, or a dark gray or blue stone for a deeper, richer look. You can even choose porcelain tile that looks like stone. Both come in a large range of shapes and colors for a customized look.

Show It Off with Heavy Glass Shower Doors

Whatever tiles you choose, make sure to show it off with beautiful heavy glass shower doors from Janssen Glass. Seamless glass shower doors are less obtrusive, and allow for a more tranquil and open view of your bathroom. Less clutter is good for the mind, and helps you relax – just want you want to be able to do in your bathroom.
Call the glass shower door experts to help finish off your dream bathroom at Janssen Glass & Door. You can reach us at (913) 677-5727.

5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Glass into Your Outdoor Space

pivoting glass doors for patio

If you’re looking for a way to make your patio stand out, consider adding some custom glass features. Yes, glass! Believe it or not, there are a number of ways glass can help you put your own personal stamp on your patio, taking it from ordinary to unexpectedly extraordinary.

Don’t believe us? Give some thought to these 5 creative ways of using glass on a patio and you’ll begin to get an idea of what we’re talking about when we say that glass can take your patio up a notch.

1. Glass “Walls”

custom glass lit with led lightsYour patio or porch is like an extension of your home, so treat it like one.

This creative patio design uses sandblasted glass and LED lights to create an enclosed space that offers privacy by day and a spark of colorful drama by night.

2. Pivoting Glass Doors

Rather than the usual sliding glass or French doors connecting your living space to your patio, open up the inside of your home to the great outdoors by installing pivoting glass doors. Blur the space between indoors and outdoors and add an unexpected modern flair to a patio that’s right off the house.


3. Frosted Glass Patio Cover

Frosted Glass Patio CoverA patio cover is a great way to allow you to stay on the patio even when an occasional rain shower passes through.

But instead of shading the area with a solid cover, consider using frosted glass panels in a wooden frame to allow some filtered light to come through, keeping the patio or deck bright and welcoming even on a partly cloudy day.

This will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view from any vantage point on your back patio.


4. Glass Pool Surround

frameless glass pool wallYour scenic backyard shouldn’t be closed off with a bulky barrier around your pool, don’t obstruct it with a heavy wood or steel railing.

Use custom glass railings to enclose your pool instead of a solid or chain-link fence. This contemporary tempered glass enclosure creates a clean, modern effect for your outdoor living space.

And don’t worry about glass railings being more fragile, we use special safety glass for these projects, which is extremely strong. If it is somehow broken, it crumbles safely into large, round chunks instead of splintering into jagged edges like normal glass.


5. Glass-Topped Patio Table

glass table top for patio tableIt’s amazing to see how many creative ideas for table bases people can come up with, and there’s no better way to show off a unique table base than with a custom-cut glass top.

Instead of going with a store-bought patio table, make yours one-of-a-kind and special!

We can make a glass table top to lay over an existing table, which helps create more stability for food and drink to sit on, or we can cut an entirely independent glass piece for a completely unique look.

We can also create any glass edge type you’d like to complete your custom glass table.

If you have an idea for a special glass patio feature or enhancement, call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727. We serve the entire KC Metro and provide a custom glass shop with experienced craftsmen and designers ready to turn your unique glass visions into reality!

Remodeling Your Bathroom Is a Safe Investment

remodeling a bathroomWhen remodeling your home, it’s smart to do some research ahead of time to see what offers the best return on investment. When you do this research, consider the most trafficked areas in your home, what rooms need the most attention, and the ROI that could come from upgrading these individual rooms. We have found that no matter the city or market you live in, a few investments can always be made to the home, including new house siding, a new roof, a new hardwood floor or tile floor, a new kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

Invest in Your Bathroom

According to Remodel Magazine, bathroom remodels can return more than 100% of your initial investment. Yes, you read that correctly. More than 100%. As we cannot promise this for all remodeling projects in the future, it is more likely to happen than other projects in the home. It’s important to keep in mind the value of your home and the value of the homes in your neighborhood. When you do this, you will prevent dumping a lot of money into your bathroom when the overall value of your home isn’t very high. Do your homework, make a plan and budget appropriately. Then be very strategic in your updates that offer you the best return.

What to Do and What Not to Do

When it comes to deciding on upgrades or updates, make sure you are picking the right ones that are worth both your money and time. Roughly 10-20 years ago, the biggest trend was adding whirlpool luxury tubs into the master bathroom of your home. Now, this is extremely dated and unnecessary. Most people don’t even have the time available to take baths anymore. Knowing this, you should spare yourself the time and money and instead install a walk-in shower with heavy glass shower doors. These are really showing the best ROI in the remodeling world. 

Take Your Desires into Account

Make sure not to forget that you are the one living in the house. Just because the latest market survey tells you that you should remodel part of your home, doesn’t mean you have to. Make sure your remodeling project improves your everyday lifestyle, comfort, and happiness inside your home. These updates should be something you’ll enjoy seeing and will love everyday.

If you have any questions on how you can remodel the bathroom inside your home, give the experts at Janssen Glass and Door a call at (913)677-5727 or schedule an appointment online.

3 Things to Remember When Choosing Your Glass Shower Door

A common misconception is that choosing a glass shower door is an easy decision, but there are many different things to consider before making your final decision. Before this investment is made, read a few tips the experts at Janssen Glass came up with to help you make this decision.

Keep it Custom

Custom glass shower doorIf you spent the time and money to make the interior of your shower custom, then the shower door should match. Most homeowners spend lots of money upgrading the inside of their showers and then drop the ball when it comes to the shower door.

A generic door would not only look out of place but will also have a negative effect on the look of your entire bathroom. Choosing the right glass shower door and keeping it custom will raise the level of beauty in your bathroom.

Don’t Cut Corners

glass shower door edgesDon’t overlook the edges. This is often overlooked and can have a direct impact on the quality of your glass shower doors and your bathroom as a whole. Most assume this won’t matter or is too small of a detail to matter, but you will notice the edges of your shower door.

More times than not, the edges on frameless shower doors tend to be darker the thicker the glass. To ensure you love your final product, make sure to ask your local shower door professionals about your options.

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Shower Doors are NOT 110% Water Tight

Glass shower doors are much more efficient when it comes to keeping water in the shower than a curtain, but they aren’t 100% watertight. 

When you are installing a glass shower door, you should consider the placement of your shower head. You will want to make sure your shower head is installed and directed away from the opening of the shower to eliminate any possible water getting through and onto your floors.

Thinking of installing a glass shower door? Give Janssen Glass a call at (913) 677-5727, or schedule an appointment online. For more tips from the professionals at Janssen Glass, check out our blog here!

The Most Popular Bathroom Trends for 2020

2019 bathroom trends

Towards the end of 2019 and leading into 2020 we witnessed a few different trends taking place. Bathrooms were becoming more modern and providing more of a comfortable feel to it. This is done by adding space which ultimately adds functionality. Anytime we can take part in a bathroom remodel, we do so, because it is always exciting seeing the finished product. If you are remodeling your bathroom this year, consider updating to heavy glass and keep these trends in mind as well.

Open Concept Plans

Newer bathrooms are being designed to have an open and breathable space. These open concepts make smaller rooms feel much roomier. There is no longer a need for those clunky cupboards full of junk. New modern bathrooms have just enough cupboard space to hold the necessities. This shelving is often times tucked away in the corners or installed higher on the walls. They also have been moving away from framed glass doors and have been installing heavy glass shower doors. These let a decent amount of light into the room because they no longer have any frames blocking the view. With the absence of shower frames, it gives your eyes the perception that the room is larger and more spacious than it actually is.

Neutral Tones with a Pop

Neutral tones add a relaxing and timeless feel to any design. Current styles lean toward more natural stone and wood surfaces with matte textured metal fixtures and paint. However, complementing these neutral tones are accents of color that can be seen along a single wall, a backsplash, or mingled with the tile. Small murals, a section of wallpaper, potted plants or a framed painting can add a nice focal point without making the room look too busy.

Water Space

A “Water Space” is the section of the bathroom with a floor drain that is usually dedicated to a bathtub or open shower. This spot is typically walled off with heavy glass shower doors. These glass shower doors help with the open concept idea by keeping the look open but also containing the water. 

If you are interested in remodeling your bathroom into one of these 2020 trends or have another idea to make the bathroom of your dreams, contact us today! You can call us at (913)677-5727 or fill out a form online.