How to Create a Mesmerizing Gallery Wall with Mirrors

Custom Mirror Wall DecorationOne of the latest interior design trends that has caught fire is gallery walls. A gallery wall is comprised of several pieces of wall art (mirrors, paintings, photographs, objects, etc.) arranged in an appealing or provoking manner on one wall. Whether the point of the gallery wall is create balance or draw your eye to a certain view, you can make this trend work in your home with your favorite custom mirror from Janssen Glass & Door. You can even create a gallery wall with all mirrors! Be sure to pick mirrors of different sizes, reflective properties, and styles for the most interesting wall.

Pick a Focal Point

When creating a gallery wall for your Kansas City area home, be sure to pick a point of focus. Using a custom mirror makes a great focus for your gallery. The reflective properties of mirrors make for a great juxtaposition to matte paintings and objects.  

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Create Balance

Next, decide how to balance your gallery wall. A great idea is to lay out all the pieces on the ground just below the wall to see what it will look like. Play around with it to find the right balance. All pieces on both sides of the focus point don’t have to be completely balanced in size and placement for it to look right, though. Think of it more in terms of overall mass on either side of the focus of the wall.

And if your room isn’t quite balanced, with more furniture on one side than the other, use an unbalanced gallery wall to create a visual balance to it.

Once you know exactly how you want the gallery wall to hang, outline all of the pieces with construction paper and tape them to the wall where you want to hang each piece. This will make hanging the wall much less stressful.

Be Creative

When it comes down to it, a gallery wall is meant to be creative. There are no hard and fast rules. Show off your most visually provoking and captivating art pieces that will draw visitors’ eyes to your gallery wall. Then, continue to add to it over the years. It’s like a supersized scrapbook for your life that’s always on display.

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