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What to Look for in an Emergency Glass Repair Company for Your Business

Emergency Glass Repair CompanyWhether you have a cracked window on the seventh floor of your office building or the front door of your store is shattered, broken glass often requires emergency services. When you have a situation with glass, you want to know that you can rely on a competent company that will show up at your Kansas City business within a reasonable amount of time, and they will be able to repair the problem as quickly as possible. The following are three things to look for in a commercial glass repair company for your business:

Common Sizes Always in Stock

When you have an emergency, you don’t have time to wait for someone to buy material for the job. You want a company that has a decent amount of inventory for most standard types of glass, doors, and hardware that might be needed to complete a job.

Ability to Do On-Site Glass Repairs

For sizes that aren’t standard, you want a company that can cut glass on site, and fix your problem immediately. If the display window of your storefront breaks, you don’t want to hear that your service repair company has to go back to their shop to cut the glass to size while your store remains exposed.

24-Hour Emergency Glass Service

If you have an emergency in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t have to wait until morning to call for assistance. A reputable glass repair company should provide 24-hour services for security, employee, life or loss, and other emergency situations.

At Janssen Glass and Door, we understand the issues that are involved with broken glass. We stock standard commercial doors, frames, and hardware as well as a deep inventory of different types of glass. We can even cut glass on-site for custom sizes. We offer our services 24 hours a day.

If you are a business owner in the Kansas City area, add (913) 677-5727 to your cell phone so you can call us immediately in case of emergency. Feel free to call or contact us online for more information.


How to Clean Up Broken Glass – Hacks That Will Keep You Safe

No one likes to clean up broken glass. It’s not only messy, it’s dangerous. The glass experts at Janssen Glass are sharing some glass clean up hacks that will help you clean it up faster, easier, and safer. So the next time you drop a glass, miss the trash can, or break a window, try one of these tips.

Safety First

Broken glass is sharp and dangerous. Don’t take any chances. Make sure anyone in the room carefully backs away from the glass. If anyone is barefoot, it’s best to just have them stand still until you can remove the broken shards from around them. If you can, put on some thick rubber gloves, this will protect your hands.

4 Household Options for Safe Glass Cleanup

The best ways to clean up broken glass

Pick up the large pieces first, being very slow and careful. Put those pieces in a trash can. The hardest pieces to clean up are the smallest. Here are four great ways to get the small glass pieces completely:

Bread – Yes, bread. Get a piece (or two if the broken glass piece was large) and gently press the bread against the glass shards. The softness and moistness of the bread will cause the pieces to stick to it.

The Potato Trick – Take a raw potato and cut it in half (lengthwise is best for more surface area) and press the potato against the floor. The shards will press into the flesh of the spud and the moisture will make even the smallest pieces stick. Through the potato away when done. (You may have to wipe up the floor with a damp cloth to remove any starch left behind.)

Tape – Masking tape or duct tape will do (duct tape is a little thicker and may offer more protection). Wrap the tape around your gloved hand so the sticky side is facing outward. Dab the area where the glass was broken to gather all of the small pieces. They will stick to the adhesive. Carefully remove the tape from your hand and throw away when finished.

Damp Paper Towel – Fold a paper towel a few times to provide some thickness. Dampen the paper towel(s) and press into the glass shards. Throw the paper towel away when finished collecting the glass pieces.

Vacuum – If glass breaks on or near carpet, it’s best to pick up all of the pieces you can see and use any of the above methods as well. Finally run a vacuum cleaner over the area thoroughly in every direction to be sure you got all of the pieces.

how to clean up broken glass

Other Glass Cleanup Tips

  • Beware that glass can get caught in a broom’s bristles, so if you must use a broom, thoroughly clean it afterwards or throw it away.
  • Glass can shatter much farther than you think. Be sure to check areas as far away as 15 feet and don’t forget to move furniture to look for hidden pieces.
  • If you vacuum, remove the vacuum bag and place it in the garbage, too, and take it out of the house.
  • If you put large glass pieces in the trash, take it out to the big can to avoid injury by an unsuspecting family member who decides to press the trash down with a hand or foot.
  • Don’t forget to also clean off the soles of your shoes!

Use these handy tips the next time you need to clean up broken glass. If you have other glass questions, or want to add glass to your home (shower doors, mirrors, shelves, etc.) give Janssen Glass a call at (913) 677-5727 or contact us online.