Aging-In-Place Bathrooms: Tips for Converting

Age-In-Place BathroomsRemodeling bathrooms in your home isn’t always just about getting rid of that dreaded bathroom tile from the 60’s. Sometimes bathroom remodels are all about functionality. Homeowners that are looking to stay in their home for the long haul, or are expecting to have a parent move in with them as they age, often look for ways to make at least one bathroom in their home more accessible. But just because you might want a more functional bathroom, doesn’t mean it has to look and feel like a hospital bathroom. Here are a few things to add to aging-in-place bathrooms that won’t make you sacrifice anything.

Zero Entry Showers

These showers are basically standing showers that are curbless. They allow you to simply walk, or roll into it. These are becoming more popular, as traditional bathtubs and standing showers pose a higher safety risk when getting in or out. Zero entry showers usually have a slight and hardly noticeable slope towards the drain that contains the water and keeps it from flowing all over the bathroom floor.

While zero entry shower doors are the safest and easiest bathing options, they can also be quite beautiful. You can still install a heavy glass shower door to complete the look, or if you’re worried about having to open a door, install a stationary heavy glass slab, that still gives the illusion of some closure, but leaves open space for a wheelchair to roll right on in.

Shower Stool

When installing a zero entry shower, it’s also a safe bet to install a shower stool or bench. These can be very helpful, and ensure more safety while bathing. If you don’t want to install a built-in bench, you can usually buy wood benches at home improvement stores that will serve the same purpose.

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Removable Showerhead

Instead of a traditional shower head, install a removable one. Many removable options are just as good, or better than their stationary counterparts these days. Removable shower heads give you more freedom in the shower, which is very important for those in need of more accessibility.


Another option to consider installing in your aging-in-place bathrooms is handrails. These can come in handy both inside of your zero entry shower, as well as near the toilet. Hand rails  allow those with less mobility to do more for themselves without the fear of injury.

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