Top 3 Costly & Dangerous Shower Door Mistakes

You went through all of that work refreshing your bathroom. Don’t let the decisions you make along the way result in having to tear the whole project up. Here are three common shower door installation mistakes that can result in having to undo all of your hard work.

    1. Cutting CornersJanssen Shower Door Mistakes

Cheap products often require replacement sooner than quality materials. You may be drawn in by ultra-affordable materials, but you won’t enjoy tearing flooring and sheetrock out due to water damage. Many shower doors are not water tight so it is important to evaluate the other surfaces for water tightness. If you already have puddles on your floor, cutting corners can lead to even more additional damage with every shower.

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    1. Taking on Too Much DIY

You’re a weekend warrior and you’re proud of it. Perhaps you finally got that new tile saw, or you hung some great shelving, or maybe you’ve been practicing your painting. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew. When it comes to electrical work and plumbing, leave it to the professionals. Not only could mistakes in these areas be costly, they can also be dangerous.

The same goes for glass shower door installation. Glass shattered across the bathroom is not only costly, but dangerous. The risk is present during and after installation because improperly installed doors can cause injury without warning. An experienced installer can make sure your door is hung safely and will not cause damage to other structures (or people) in your bathroom.

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    1. Ordering Pre-Made

You may be surprised to learn this, but glass shower doors are not one size fits all. Proper measurement, by a professional, will help your shower door installation go flawlessly. Designing the shower door to fit your bathroom ensures that the door will be the right size, hung in a safe way, and will not require untimely replacement due to avoidable damage.

Unusual shaped showers and bathrooms are the most obvious example of the need for custom glass. Tight spaces and odd shapes may require some professional innovation to get your bathroom the way you want it. If you’re going through the work of remodeling your bathroom, why choose doors that are a standard size when you could take this opportunity to save space and add style?

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