How to Create the Glass Gallery Wall of Your Dreams

janssen-glass-gallery-wall-living-room-styleWe’ve all got one. That sad, blank wall that’s begging for some extra attention. Whether it needs something to brighten it, make it look interesting, or make it the focal point of the room, you can do it all with a gorgeous gallery wall. You’ve seen them all over Pinterest, but what about creating one in your own home? Here’s how to make it happen.

janssen-glass-stairway-gallery-wallDecide What You’d Like

First thing’s first, what do you want to add to your gallery. Whether it’s glass framed art or family photos, nature scenes, prints, or paintings; the options are endless.

Different sized frames or equal sized ones are a matter of personal choice as is using different shapes beyond squares for the overall feel. Glass floating shelves are another option to consider in your gallery. Whether you choose to make it themed, or a beautiful combination of all the things you love, either way there are no rules to follow so have fun!

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Play Around Until It’s Perfect

With your gallery pieces ready, place them on the floor just below or near the wall you wish to use. Move them around, add or subtract pieces until you have a design that you love. One hint is to start with the largest or your favorite piece first (perhaps a gorgeous mirror to maximize the space), make that your centerpiece, and work out from there.

If you feel like you have a pattern you like, but aren’t ready to nail it into the wall quite yet, use newspaper to finalize your decision. Cut to the size of each piece you plan on putting on your wall and hang with painter’s tape to mimic the pattern you just laid out. It may sounds tedious, but this way you can get a good idea for spacing and what it will look like overall. This also leaves you the opportunity to move things around before it’s “set in stone.”

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Last But Not Least

When you’re finally ready, it’s time to complete the product. Gather your tools and make sure you have a level and a ruler handy to avoid crooked edges and inconsistent spacing. Remember, there are no rules to go by while creating your gallery wall. If you love it as a whole, and the individual pieces within it, consider it a success!

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