Moving with Mirrors: Getting Your Mirror Moving Day Ready

glass-moving-tipsWhen relocating to a new home, there are a number of different items and personal belongings to pack during the process of loading up your old home. One of the main challenges that comes with moving is transporting a mirror or glass without breaking it. To ensure that the product is protected and stays intact, the Janssen Glass team wanted to share a few important tips to follow to prevent it from shattering.

Step 1: Masking Tape & Wrapping

One of the most important steps of properly wrapping a mirror is to cut masking tape and place it in an X shape over the glass to protect it from breaking. You can also fit cardboard over the corners for added protection and to prevent scratches from developing. Then, use more cardboard to cover half an inch on the back and front of the mirror. Use thick towels or sheets on top of the cardboard and wrap it with packaging tape to secure the linens. You can also use bubble wrap after you’ve wrapped the mirror with the packing tape, which will offer extra padding on the mirror and prevent damage.

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Step 2: Styrofoam & Boxes

Styrofoam is one of the best materials to use when wrapping a mirror before moving it to protect it from shattering. This can be added on top of any towels, tape, or cardboard that is used. Additionally, you can place the mirror in a fitted box for added protection that will allow it to remain secure as it’s transported to a new location.

Tip: Label the box “fragile” to ensure that professional movers or other people in your family are aware that the item needs to be handled with care!

Step 3: The Handling

If the mirror is awkward in its shape or size, ask a friend or family member to help you move the product when lifting it into the moving truck for proper support. Use gloves to ensure that you have a good grip and that your mirror won’t slip out of your hands.

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When packing the mirror into a moving truck or vehicle, it’s important to avoid laying it down flat for transporting. This can cause extra pressure to be applied to the glass, from other boxes and items that are packed, possibly resulting in a shattered mirror.. Instead, place the mirror on its side and avoid packing too many items close to the product to avoid excess pressure on the item. The mirror should be easy to slide in and out, not jammed into place.

If you do happen to break a mirror or glass, no worries! Janssen Glass provides custom glass cutting services. Just give us a call, at (913) 677-5727.