Open Up Your Kitchen with Glass Accessories

Most people spend a considerable amount of time in their kitchen every day. It’s where you fuel your stomach and your soul. It’s a place to use all your senses while cooking a family meal, and to spend valuable time with the ones you love. But don’t let a less-than-favorable kitchen area stop you from enjoying that time to the fullest. One of homeowners’ biggest complaints about their kitchens tends to be space and light. There’s only so much you can do about the tangible amount of space, but there are several ways to work with that space to make it seem bigger and more appealing.

Custom Glass Front Kitchen CabinetsGlass Cabinets

A great way to open up your kitchen, and make it appear brighter, is by switching out your current solid material cabinets for glass front cabinets. There are lots of ways to make this look mesh with the style of your kitchen too. If you have more of a traditional style, try installing glass front cabinets with grids (like your windows) on one wall. For a more modern spin, try entirely glass front cabinets without a frame paired with simple hardware.

Custom Glass ShelvingGlass Shelves

Another way to create a more roomy feel is to replace open shelving with glass shelves. Whether it’s placed inside a framed shelving structure, or stand-alone shelving, glass shelves allow you to keep your storage space, while still creating a more open, airy space which light can more easily pass through. You can even pair glass shelves with glass front cabinets for a super open effect. This does wonders for small kitchens, or kitchens that don’t get a lot of natural light because it allows you to capitalize on the small amount that you do have.

Glass kitchen AppliancesGlass Front Refrigerators

Another insanely cool feature we’ve been seeing in kitchens lately is glass front appliances, like refrigerators. While an image of frigid, and poorly lit grocery stores might come to mind, it’s much different. These refrigerators are much more modern and sophisticated. Again, it creates less of a barrier for your eyes, creating more depth to the room. While these were originally popular among the restaurant industry’s top chefs, these appliances have really gone mainstream. They also work with a large array of styles. You don’t need a super modern kitchen for it to work. Glass front refrigerators look beautiful in elegant and sophisticated kitchens, even rustic kitchens!

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