The Prime Time to Wash away Your Pollen Problem


Springtime brings loads of pollen and dust in the air, leaving that pesky green and yellow film on your outdoor glass and furniture. Many feel the urge to clean these surfaces the moment they start seeing green, but depending on the time of year, cleaning may not be worth it.

Knowing when pollen season starts and ends in your area can save you time and help you avoid useless cleaning. No one needs to waste time cleaning a mess that will reappear the next day, which is why Janssen Glass is explaining the best time to clean pesky pollen and when to wait it out.


Pollen Primetime

In general, pollen season typically lasts from early spring to late autumn, but different plants release pollen at different times.

  • Tree Pollen is the first to fall, starting mid-March and continuing until mid-May.
  • Grass Pollen is next, arriving in mid-May and staying into July.
  • Weed Pollen is the last pollen to fall, from the end of June all the way to September.

Helpful Tip: Depending on where you are located, find out which types of pollen are worse in your area to decide on optimal cleaning times.


To Clean or Not To Clean

With steady pollen arriving all spring and summer long,  choosing when to deep clean your windows and outdoor surfaces can feel like a guessing game. However, if you wait all season long to clean, built-up pollen can be a pain to power through. In some cases, pollen buildup can get so bad that it may even require professional cleaning to completely eliminate.

To avoid this issue, we suggest staying on top of pollen problems by cleaning these outdoor surfaces once every month, followed by a deep clean in early September. If the pollen is light, it may be enough to spray it down with a hose, followed by a wipe down with your preferred glass cleaner. However, some pollens are stickier than others and may require more work to remove. For those pesky pollens, check out these alternative home solutions that can make cleaning your windows a breeze.

Pollen season doesn’t have to be a bother. Plan ahead with these tips and regular upkeep to spend less time worrying about pollen, and more time enjoying springtime.

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