5 Questions to Ask before Installing a Glass Shower Door

5-questions-before-installing-a-glass-shower-doorYou’ve decided it’s time to install a new glass shower door in your home, but all of the choices are overwhelming! We understand, so here are some quick questions to ask yourself so that you can feel confident with your decision:

  • Would a sliding door, door and panel enclosure, or a swinging door work best with the floorplan of your bathroom? Every bathroom is different but it is also important to consider your lifestyle.
  • If updating an existing glass door, do you want to update your hardware or eliminate it? You may see the trend of updating finishes and envision an improvement, but be sure to also look through our gallery glass shower doors and take note of those that do not require a metal frame. This also means no more cleaning shower door tracks!
  • Do you want a thinner glass with a metal frame or a thicker glass that can stand alone without a metal frame? You should know that edges on frameless doors get darker the thicker the glass gets, and you will notice. Make sure to ask what the edges of the finished product will look like.
  • What pattern and color of glass do you prefer? We have 20 options for you whether you are installing a new shower door or replacing an old one. We can sometimes even do multiple textures to give privacy while still showing off your fabulous tile.
  • Is your bathroom an unusual configuration? No problem, contact us! We specialize in custom shower doors that will maximize your space and show off the other upgrades you’ve done in your bathroom.

For more information about glass shower doors, call us at (913) 677-5727 or check out our blog.