So You Broke a Mirror . . . How to Repurpose the Glass

Mirror ProjectsYou broke a mirror in your home . . . now what? First and foremost, clean up the area with a broom and dust pan, and then use a wet paper towel to wipe the area up as well. This will ensure you get all those pesky little glass mirrored shards that can be dangerous. Next, instead of throwing all that glass in the trash, repurpose it! Here are three different ways you can reuse those glinty mirrored glass pieces around your KC area home.

Create a Crafty Ornament

Use that broken glass to your advantage this season. With Christmas right around the corner, why not use those sparkling mirror pieces to make some more ornaments. Use and old ball ornament that is starting to age, or use new round clear ornaments that are cheap at craft stores, and super glue the mirror pieces all around it.

Make a Custom Tabletop

Another way to put that broken mirror to use is by repurposing it to make a custom tabletop. Use the broken mirror pieces to design a unique and attractive design on everything from a dinning room table to a coffee table. After you glue the mirror pieces to the table, call Janssen Glass & Door to cut a custom glass table top to cover and protect your new design. This also protects you and your loved ones from jagged mirror pieces, and also allows for a flat and even surface.

Spruce Up Everyday Objects

Glass pieces are a wonderful way to spice up almost any object in your home. They catch the light and add a touch of mystique. Glue pieces to candle holders, plant pots, or make your own wind chime.

To replace your broken mirror or to make a custom cut glass tabletop for your new mirrored table design, call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677 5727or (816) 472-5330.