The Cutting Edge – Glass Edges that Add a Custom Look

Glass is one of the most beautiful design elements in a home.  From kitchens, to dining rooms, great rooms to bathrooms, glass can add color and texture, and even evoke emotion. At Janssen Glass, we can also create glass for practical reasons like safety and privacy, or we can go for sheer drama.

In our warehouse, we stock glass up to 1/2″ thick, carry over 20 decorative patterned glass styles, and we have a variety of edges we can create as well. If you need kitchen cabinet door fronts, shelves, tabletops, decorative mirrors, or amazing heavy glass shower doors, we can create the look and feel you want. In fact, we can usually have most residential projects finished within a few days.

Customize glass edges

Customized Glass Accents

To create a custom look, besides offering over 20 pattern glass designs, we also offer a variety of edges. Here are some examples of edges you can choose to add that custom touch to your glass accents. The Flat Polish and Pencil Polish are more modern and simple, while the O.G. Polish and Bevel are more traditional and ornate. Whatever the style you’re looking for, Janssen Glass can create it.

Patterned Glass

But besides edges, we also offer a huge variety of glass patterns. Take a look at some of these beautiful and elegant patterns and you’ll never think of glass the same way again! The Delta Frost Glass on the left is popular in bathrooms as shower doors or as decorative walls to separate rooms. The Seedy Glass on the right is popular in leaded glass windows.


You’ll be amazed at the choices you have when it comes to glass edges, patterns and designs. Never settle for boring glass again. If you have a project that includes glass, from new shower doors to tabletops to decorative mirrors, give Janssen a call at 866-677-5727. We’re on the cutting edge of glass design.