Holiday Decorating with Mirrored Glass

Glass DIY DecorationsDecorating your home for the holidays is a fun way to show your festive spirit. But you don’t always have to go the traditional route. Sometimes the unexpected holiday decorations are the most intriguing. Mirrors are a perfect, but non-traditional, decoration for this time of the year. Reflect your holiday spirit this year with these three glass mirror decoration ideas from Janssen Glass & Door.

Mirrored Centerpieces

When it comes to the holidays the dinner table is usually the focal point of every party. It’s where your guests spend most of their time eating delicious food, and conversing about tales from the past year. Make their time at your dinner table extra festive by jazzing it up with a mirrored centerpiece display. Not only does it allow light to glint off of it for a sparkly effect (perfect for the holidays), but it also makes your display look larger, and more detailed than it really is. This gives you a bigger effect with less effort.

Winter Playland

Another great way to incorporate mirrored dimension into your holiday decorations is to use them as props in your winter village displays. Custom cut mirrors are a perfect stand-in for a miniature winter playland ice skating pond or lake. The mirror adds a shimmery dimension to your display that looks magical to children and adults alike.

Let Your Holiday Spirit Shine

For a more modern flair to your holiday decorations, use a custom cut glass mirror from Janssen Glass as a backdrop to your holiday candles on your fireplace mantel, serving table, or anywhere you can think of. The mirror behind the candles catches the flickering light and makes for a brighter, more enchanting display of light. It also makes your room and display appear larger, which is great to make a smaller entertaining space appear bigger.

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