Decorations That Won’t Ruin the Glass in Your Windows

Holiday Decorations for WindowsThis holiday season let people passing by see your festive spirit when they look inside your windows. Your Kansas City home’s front windows are a great way to display your holiday decorations. Here are a few decorating ideas we love at Janssen Glass that won’t damage the glass in your windows in the process.

Hang a Cascade of Unused Ornaments

Unless you have an enormous tree, there are usually some leftover ornaments every holiday. This year put those leftover ornaments to use in another holiday display for your windows. Use decorative ribbon or string, or clear fishing line to hang them from your curtain rod. You can hang them all at the same length, or in a pattern of different lengths, or create a cascade of ornaments of all different lengths. This makes for a very appealing and intriguing display.

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Display Wreaths & Leave Your Glass Scratch-Free

Another way to show off your festive side is by hanging traditional Christmas wreaths in the front windows of your home. Tie a red ribbon around the top and hang it from your inside curtain rod. Hanging them from your curtain rod keeps the wintergreen needles and branches far enough away from your glass so they won’t be constantly brushing against your windows creating scratches.

Window Clings

This type of holiday window decoration is great for homes with kids. Use window clings on your windows and create an unique display. Window clings are gel-like self-adhesive stickers for windows that require no tape, glue or other adhesive. They peel off easily and leave no residue on your windows. This means they are easy to clean up and won’t damage your windows like some other stickers and paints will.

If you have damaged windows from past years of holiday decorations, call the glass repair experts at Janssen Glass at (913) 677-5727 or (816) 472-5330.