Why Kansas City Homeowners Are Choosing Heavy Glass Shower Doors

frameless_euro_style_shower_door_brookside_2We predict 2015 is going to be another big year for heavy glass shower doors in Kansas City. In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge upward trend in the installation of these types of shower doors in homes all over the area from Overland Park to Lee’s Summit, and beyond. But why do homeowners prefer heavy glass shower doors to light glass shower doors, shower curtains, or any of the other number of options? Here’s what the glass experts at Janssen Glass & Door have discovered from talking to our large pool of customers.

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Heavy Glass Shower Doors Are Easier to Care for

Cleaning and caring for heavy glass shower doors is a breeze, and homeowners love anything that makes their myriad tasks around the house shrink. Heavy glass doors are sturdy enough to stand on their own, without the support of a frame. This means there are fewer obstructions when trying to squeegee the shower doors clean after someone bathes. A few swipes is all it takes.

They Show Off Your Beautiful Shower

Less hardware means less distraction when it comes to heavy glass shower doors. Your focus is no longer on the shower doors themselves, but on the beauty of the shower behind them. You have the ability to show off the beautiful tile work inside your shower oasis.

They Are Not Obtrusive

Another great advantage to heavy glass shower doors is their beauty. Without the need of a frame, heavy glass shower doors have a crisp and clean look. They do not obstruct your view of the rest of the bathroom. It makes your room seem even more spacious, which is always a plus. Also, you don’t feel claustrophobic behind hardware or darkening curtains.

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