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3 Ways Choosing Janssen Glass Benefits Homeowners

IGlass Sink in Bathroomf you’re looking for custom glass, doors, or mirrors for your Kansas City home, the only way to go is Janssen Glass & Door. No one else in the area has the expertise and experience we’ve acquired over the years. Here are three reasons choosing Janssen Glass & Door will impress and delight you.

Glass & Mirror Customization That Truly Is One-of-a-Kind

When you hire Janssen Glass & Door for a custom job, we really ensure that the piece we are creating is truly unique to your home. We start off by coming to your home when it’s convenient for you and taking exact measurements for the custom glass or mirror piece. Then we help you decide on which type of glass you want, tempered glass, patterned glass, safety glass, etc. Once we have those two bases covered, we order the materials needed. When they arrive at our office, we cut them according to your measurements right in our shop, then bring all the already-cut and ready pieces to your home to install.

Our Expertise Is Unmatched

The dictionary describes an expert as someone who possesses special skill and/or knowledge in a specific field. Based on that definition, we are most definitely glass experts. We know the ins and outs of glass, the best practices, even how to make your own glass cleaner. You can trust us when you ask for our opinions. We always strive to give you all of your options, and arm you with the best solutions. We’ve been in this industry since 1984, and have been around the glass block quite a few times.

We Have a Quick Turnaround

Lastly, since we know exactly what we are doing, you’ll never have to wait around for us to finish up a project. We are known for having a quick turnaround and for meeting deadlines. Our team is efficient, and good at their jobs. Hence, most residential glass projects only take a few days to complete.

If you’re interested in hiring Janssen Glass & Door for a project, give us a call at (913) 677-5727. We are here to answer any and all of your questions about our company, glass, mirrors, and our projects.

Use Glass Shelves to Open Up Space in Your Kansas City Home

One of the biggest complaints from homeowners is space. It can be hard to find ways to squeeze more of it into a home, but there are a few things you can do to work with the space that you have. One of those tricks is to utilize glass shelving. These translucent, shiny shelves are the perfect way to make the space you do have seem larger. Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your Kansas City area home.

Glass Cabinets Kitchen KCReplace Opaque Kitchen Cabinets with Glass

Kitchens tend to be among the top of the list when it comes to crowded rooms. And since most people spend a lot of their time in the kitchen, it can easily get crowded quickly. A great way to open up the space is to replace your solid kitchen cabinets with glass-front cabinets. The transparent storage space creates a greater depth to your kitchen area, and luckily, this look blends with many different decorating styles. Janssen Glass & Door can create custom glass shelves for any size cabinet you have.

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Embrace Open ShelvingGlass Shelves Custom

Another way to use glass shelves to create more open space is in an open shelving unit. These can be incorporated into almost any room in your home. They’re great in the bathroom under the mirror or above the toilet to create extra storage space for beauty products or towels. They’re also a great addition to any living space where you can hang anything from plants or decorative pieces. It’s a great way to incorporate more style into your home without adding the extra bulk that a stand-alone cabinet or block shelves can have.

Call Janssen Glass & Door today at (913) 677-5727 to create custom glass shelves that will add style and space to your Kansas City home.

New Ways to Bring Light into Your Home Using Glass & Mirrors

Want to bring more natural light into your home? Natural light can not only brighten and cheer up an otherwise drab room, but it also creates an illusion of more space. Natural light is not so easy to come by, unfortunately. Here are four ways you can use glass and mirrors to harness the power of the natural light you have to work with.

Large Mirrors Reflect more LightHang & Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors’ reflective properties are a great way to use whatever light you already have in your home without having to do any major work to it. To get the most of the mirrors you have, place them on the same or neighboring walls of windows. Hanging them directly across from windows will actually cause them to reflect the light directly back out those same windows. It’s geometry, really. When you place a mirror on a neighboring wall (to the left or right), the light is reflected at an angle that brightens the room.

Another way to use mirrors to your advantage is to use oversized mirrors. Oversized mirrors have the ability to reflect larger amounts of light when placed correctly (see above). Use them as a wall piece in place of art, hanging above a couch, or lying against a blank wall.

Custom Glass TableAdd Reflective Accessories

Mirrors aren’t the only reflective piece you can use to make the most of the light in your home. Anything reflective helps, such as metallic lamps and furniture accessories, or glass tabletops. These will all reflect any light and disperse it throughout your home, giving the illusion of more natural light. Custom glass tabletops are a great addition to brighten up any room in your home.

Glass DoorsInstall Glass Doors Internally & Externally

If adding more mirrors and reflective accessories and furniture doesn’t help, you might need to go a step further. Internally, you can switch out opaque wood doors throughout your first floor for glass french doors. This design element will allow light to pass between rooms, creating a more open effect inside your home.

Externally you can replace your solid entrance door with one that has glass panels. You can go even further by adding glass transom lights on top of your door, and sidelights on the sides of your entrance door. Together, these design changes can add a lot more light to the front rooms of your home.

Skylights Add Natural LightConsider Adding Skylights

Lastly, if you have rooms in your home that you just can’t seem to lighten up no matter what you try, consider adding skylights. This allows natural sunlight to flood into your home from your ceiling. These really do add the most natural light, but they are also one of the most extreme ways to get it.

Janssen Glass & Door can help your dreams of a brighter home become a reality in your Kansas City home. Call us today at (913) 677-5727 today. Janssen Glass can help you create a custom glass, door, window or mirror piece to bring more light into your life.

Open Up Your Kitchen with Glass Accessories

Most people spend a considerable amount of time in their kitchen every day. It’s where you fuel your stomach and your soul. It’s a place to use all your senses while cooking a family meal, and to spend valuable time with the ones you love. But don’t let a less-than-favorable kitchen area stop you from enjoying that time to the fullest. One of homeowners’ biggest complaints about their kitchens tends to be space and light. There’s only so much you can do about the tangible amount of space, but there are several ways to work with that space to make it seem bigger and more appealing.

Custom Glass Front Kitchen CabinetsGlass Cabinets

A great way to open up your kitchen, and make it appear brighter, is by switching out your current solid material cabinets for glass front cabinets. There are lots of ways to make this look mesh with the style of your kitchen too. If you have more of a traditional style, try installing glass front cabinets with grids (like your windows) on one wall. For a more modern spin, try entirely glass front cabinets without a frame paired with simple hardware.

Custom Glass ShelvingGlass Shelves

Another way to create a more roomy feel is to replace open shelving with glass shelves. Whether it’s placed inside a framed shelving structure, or stand-alone shelving, glass shelves allow you to keep your storage space, while still creating a more open, airy space which light can more easily pass through. You can even pair glass shelves with glass front cabinets for a super open effect. This does wonders for small kitchens, or kitchens that don’t get a lot of natural light because it allows you to capitalize on the small amount that you do have.

Glass kitchen AppliancesGlass Front Refrigerators

Another insanely cool feature we’ve been seeing in kitchens lately is glass front appliances, like refrigerators. While an image of frigid, and poorly lit grocery stores might come to mind, it’s much different. These refrigerators are much more modern and sophisticated. Again, it creates less of a barrier for your eyes, creating more depth to the room. While these were originally popular among the restaurant industry’s top chefs, these appliances have really gone mainstream. They also work with a large array of styles. You don’t need a super modern kitchen for it to work. Glass front refrigerators look beautiful in elegant and sophisticated kitchens, even rustic kitchens!

Call the Kansas City glass experts at Janssen Glass & Door to help you create a more open and light kitchen without having to deal with any major remodeling. You can reach us at (913) 677-5727.

3 Ways to Use Glass to Beautify Your Patio

This summer show off your outdoor living space with custom glass pieces from Kansas City’s preferred glass specialist, Janssen Glass & Door. We specialize in glass, and can custom create pieces for anything you might want. We love how clean and classic it looks in literally any setting. Here are three beautiful ways to incorporate this look into your patio so you can enjoy it to the fullest this summer.

Glass Tabletop

Custom Glass Tabletop

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, Janssen Glass can create the perfect custom glass tabletop for your patio. We can make a glass table top to lay over an existing table, which helps create more stability for food and drink to sit on, or we can cut an entirely independent glass piece for a completely unique look. We can also create any glass edge type you’d like to complete your custom glass table.

Let the Light in with Glass Storm Doors

Your patio or porch is like an extension of your home, so treat it like one. Open up the inside of your home to the great outdoors by installing glass storm doors on your patio doors. This will allow more natural light into your home, which is a great way to brighten and open up your space without letting bugs, heat, and humidity inside.

Railings Custom GlassDon’t Obscure the View, Try Glass Railings

If you have a beautiful view from your patio or porch, don’t obstruct it with heavy wood or steel railings. Use custom glass railings to enclose  your space. This will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view from any vantage point  on your back patio. And don’t worry about glass railings being more fragile. We use special safety glass for these projects, which is very strong, but crumbles safely into large, round chunks instead of splintering into jagged edges like normal glass.

Learn more about the special glass types we use for outdoor projects and how to pick which is right for your patio in our blog post on Preparing The Glass on Your Kansas City Porch for Spring.

Call Janssen Glass & Door for unique custom glass pieces for your outdoor living space this summer at (913) 677-5727.

Types of Glass for Your Shower Doors

Your Kansas City shower is your sanctuary. It’s where you can unwind, relax, and recharge. If you don’t feel that way about your bathroom, it’s time to let Janssen Glass & Door help change that. We specialize in glass shower doors, and can customize yours to fit whatever style you like. Many of our customers don’t know that we can create and install several different types of glass shower doors. Here’s a breakdown of our three most commonly requested shower door styles, in no particular order.

Frosted Glass Shower DoorsFrosted Glass Shower Doors

If you’re not one to bare it all, and enjoy a little more privacy while you unwind, frosted glass shower doors are the perfect fit for you. Frosted glass doors still allow light to penetrate the doors, but it blurs the view of what’s inside (and outside) of the shower enclosure. You can use frosted light glass shower doors with frames, or choose frosted heavy glass shower doors than can stand on their own with simple hardware. We can even install glass shower doors that are half frosted, and half clear. The possibilities are endless.

Patterned Glass Shower Doors

Patterned Glass Shower Door

If you have a more playful personality and enjoy unique surroundings, patterned glass shower doors will suit you well. When you choose Janssen Glass & Door to install your Kansas City shower doors you can choose from a wide array of patterns. From custom floral designs to simpler water ripple patterns, you can create any ambiance with so many choices.

Heavy Glass Shower Subway TilesHeavy Glass Shower Doors

Lastly, our most popular showers tend to be simplistic and modern clear heavy glass shower doors with minimal hardware. These types of shower doors can be customized with the type of hardware you choose to install with them. You can leave it simple with a smooth platinum door pull, or add more flair with a towel bar on the outside of the shower door.


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Whatever your style, whatever your needs, call Janssen Glass & Door to help you create your custom bathroom at (913) 677-5727.

How to Embellish Your Shower & Bathroom for a Cohesive Style

Heavy Glass Shower Subway TilesWhen you choose heavy glass shower doors with Janssen Glass & Doors to install in your Kansas City bathroom, you’re making a great design decision. Heavy glass shower doors make for a non-obtrusive, streamlined look that show off the beautiful tile and stone work inside of  your shower. Add to the beauty of your bathroom by choosing the right hardware to hold your shower in place. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right style for your bathroom.

Choose a Style

The first decision you should make when it comes to your bathroom hardware is the type of style you want to use. Pick from modern, minimalist, traditional, or luxurious. Make sure you choose a style that will mesh with the rest of your bathroom.We love the options from Portals, a local Kansas city hardware manufacturer. If you like an elegant style, check out the symphony line of hardware Portals carries.

Pick a Material

Heavy Glass Shower Door Hardware

Next, decide what type of material you want your hardware to be made of. Silvery chrome tends to look more modern, while oil rubbed bronze leans more towards a rustic style, and gold is often thought of as more elegant. Portals gives you the ability to choose the same style in many different material and finish options, so that you can customize the look and feel of your bathroom.

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Decide How Much Embellishment You Want

Lastly, decide how much hardware you actually want to use on your heavy glass shower doors, and in the rest of your bathroom. When it comes to your shower, you can choose from a double or single pull, as well as adding a towel bar to the shower door. A double pull will give you the ability to pull and push from both inside and outside of the shower. If you decide to use a single pull on your shower door, you’ll only be able to push open your shower door from the inside. Adding a towel bar can also be useful for keeping your towels nearby. But the more hardware you use, the more obstructions you will add to your clean shower doors. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all based on personal preference.

For shower door design help and installation, call the shower door experts at Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727 or (816) 472-5330.

2015 Trends in Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling Ideas Bathroom Make 2015 the year you tackle all of your remodeling projects, including your bathroom. You spend a lot of time in your Kansas City home’s bathroom, so why not be more comfortable in a space you enjoy. Plus, an updated bathroom can increase the value of your home. To bring your restroom up to date, try including one (or all) of these remodeling trends for 2015.

Tile Everywhere

Wallpaper and paint are out, tile is in. Tiles are so versatile when it comes to bathrooms. Not only can they be beautiful and creative, but they are durable and easy to keep clean. Whether you use tile on the floor, in the shower, or as a backsplash by the sink, it makes sense. Shiny subway tiles have been gaining momentum, as well as wood-look tile. But don’t limit your tile to one area. Use tile from the shower or floor, and extend  it up to the ceiling. This can have an awe inspiring effect that actually enlarges the space in the room.

Spacious Glass Showers

Another popular trend we predict for 2015 is expansive showers with a streamlined look using heavy glass shower doors. This type of shower is luxurious and non-obtrusive to the eye. Large, walk-in showers are easy and relaxing. Showering is not just a way to get clean, but an experience, a way to relax and unwind before or after a rough day. See Janssen Glass & Door’s heavy glass shower door portfolio for some great ideas.

Unique Sinks

Your bathroom’s vanity is an opportunity to show off some personality. We are seeing a departure from the traditional oval ceramic sinks, and a venture into the bold. Different shapes, colors, and materials are making their way into bathrooms across the country. Large copper or glass basins are becoming popular. If you have a smaller bathroom to work with, we’ve been seeing an increase in rectangular sinks that are long and thin, sitting closer to the wall saving space.

Mirror Tricks

Reflect your personality in the bathroom with great mirror design. Take your mirror floor to ceiling and make the room appear larger. We’ve even seen mirrored subway tiles that look both luxurious and modern.

Call Janssen Glass & Door to help you make your bathroom remodeling dreams a reality in 2015. Call us at (913) 677-5727 or (816) 472-5330.

So You Broke a Mirror . . . How to Repurpose the Glass

Mirror ProjectsYou broke a mirror in your home . . . now what? First and foremost, clean up the area with a broom and dust pan, and then use a wet paper towel to wipe the area up as well. This will ensure you get all those pesky little glass mirrored shards that can be dangerous. Next, instead of throwing all that glass in the trash, repurpose it! Here are three different ways you can reuse those glinty mirrored glass pieces around your KC area home.

Create a Crafty Ornament

Use that broken glass to your advantage this season. With Christmas right around the corner, why not use those sparkling mirror pieces to make some more ornaments. Use and old ball ornament that is starting to age, or use new round clear ornaments that are cheap at craft stores, and super glue the mirror pieces all around it.

Make a Custom Tabletop

Another way to put that broken mirror to use is by repurposing it to make a custom tabletop. Use the broken mirror pieces to design a unique and attractive design on everything from a dinning room table to a coffee table. After you glue the mirror pieces to the table, call Janssen Glass & Door to cut a custom glass table top to cover and protect your new design. This also protects you and your loved ones from jagged mirror pieces, and also allows for a flat and even surface.

Spruce Up Everyday Objects

Glass pieces are a wonderful way to spice up almost any object in your home. They catch the light and add a touch of mystique. Glue pieces to candle holders, plant pots, or make your own wind chime.

To replace your broken mirror or to make a custom cut glass tabletop for your new mirrored table design, call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677 5727or (816) 472-5330.

Decorations That Won’t Ruin the Glass in Your Windows

Holiday Decorations for WindowsThis holiday season let people passing by see your festive spirit when they look inside your windows. Your Kansas City home’s front windows are a great way to display your holiday decorations. Here are a few decorating ideas we love at Janssen Glass that won’t damage the glass in your windows in the process.

Hang a Cascade of Unused Ornaments

Unless you have an enormous tree, there are usually some leftover ornaments every holiday. This year put those leftover ornaments to use in another holiday display for your windows. Use decorative ribbon or string, or clear fishing line to hang them from your curtain rod. You can hang them all at the same length, or in a pattern of different lengths, or create a cascade of ornaments of all different lengths. This makes for a very appealing and intriguing display.

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Display Wreaths & Leave Your Glass Scratch-Free

Another way to show off your festive side is by hanging traditional Christmas wreaths in the front windows of your home. Tie a red ribbon around the top and hang it from your inside curtain rod. Hanging them from your curtain rod keeps the wintergreen needles and branches far enough away from your glass so they won’t be constantly brushing against your windows creating scratches.

Window Clings

This type of holiday window decoration is great for homes with kids. Use window clings on your windows and create an unique display. Window clings are gel-like self-adhesive stickers for windows that require no tape, glue or other adhesive. They peel off easily and leave no residue on your windows. This means they are easy to clean up and won’t damage your windows like some other stickers and paints will.

If you have damaged windows from past years of holiday decorations, call the glass repair experts at Janssen Glass at (913) 677-5727 or (816) 472-5330.