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Decorations That Won’t Ruin the Glass in Your Windows

Holiday Decorations for WindowsThis holiday season let people passing by see your festive spirit when they look inside your windows. Your Kansas City home’s front windows are a great way to display your holiday decorations. Here are a few decorating ideas we love at Janssen Glass that won’t damage the glass in your windows in the process.

Hang a Cascade of Unused Ornaments

Unless you have an enormous tree, there are usually some leftover ornaments every holiday. This year put those leftover ornaments to use in another holiday display for your windows. Use decorative ribbon or string, or clear fishing line to hang them from your curtain rod. You can hang them all at the same length, or in a pattern of different lengths, or create a cascade of ornaments of all different lengths. This makes for a very appealing and intriguing display.

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Display Wreaths & Leave Your Glass Scratch-Free

Another way to show off your festive side is by hanging traditional Christmas wreaths in the front windows of your home. Tie a red ribbon around the top and hang it from your inside curtain rod. Hanging them from your curtain rod keeps the wintergreen needles and branches far enough away from your glass so they won’t be constantly brushing against your windows creating scratches.

Window Clings

This type of holiday window decoration is great for homes with kids. Use window clings on your windows and create an unique display. Window clings are gel-like self-adhesive stickers for windows that require no tape, glue or other adhesive. They peel off easily and leave no residue on your windows. This means they are easy to clean up and won’t damage your windows like some other stickers and paints will.

If you have damaged windows from past years of holiday decorations, call the glass repair experts at Janssen Glass at (913) 677-5727 or (816) 472-5330.

Holiday Decorating with Mirrored Glass

Glass DIY DecorationsDecorating your home for the holidays is a fun way to show your festive spirit. But you don’t always have to go the traditional route. Sometimes the unexpected holiday decorations are the most intriguing. Mirrors are a perfect, but non-traditional, decoration for this time of the year. Reflect your holiday spirit this year with these three glass mirror decoration ideas from Janssen Glass & Door.

Mirrored Centerpieces

When it comes to the holidays the dinner table is usually the focal point of every party. It’s where your guests spend most of their time eating delicious food, and conversing about tales from the past year. Make their time at your dinner table extra festive by jazzing it up with a mirrored centerpiece display. Not only does it allow light to glint off of it for a sparkly effect (perfect for the holidays), but it also makes your display look larger, and more detailed than it really is. This gives you a bigger effect with less effort.

Winter Playland

Another great way to incorporate mirrored dimension into your holiday decorations is to use them as props in your winter village displays. Custom cut mirrors are a perfect stand-in for a miniature winter playland ice skating pond or lake. The mirror adds a shimmery dimension to your display that looks magical to children and adults alike.

Let Your Holiday Spirit Shine

For a more modern flair to your holiday decorations, use a custom cut glass mirror from Janssen Glass as a backdrop to your holiday candles on your fireplace mantel, serving table, or anywhere you can think of. The mirror behind the candles catches the flickering light and makes for a brighter, more enchanting display of light. It also makes your room and display appear larger, which is great to make a smaller entertaining space appear bigger.

Call Janssen Glass & Door at (913) 677-5727 or (816) 472-5330 to order your custom glass mirror piece for your holiday decorations today.

Custom Glass Table Tops for Your New Furniture

Protect Table With Custom GlassKansas City residents are going crazy for IKEA this fall with the opening of the new store in Merriam. IKEA stores have been popular for their concept of selling a wide range of home furnishing products that are very affordable for all budgets. But, of course, with more affordability, sometimes you must sacrifice quality. Janssen Glass & Door can help you keep your affordable furniture looking exquisite for years to come though. How, you ask? With a custom glass table top for your new IKEA tables! This small investment will keep your furniture free of stains, glass marks, watermarks, and scratches.

Step 1: Buy Your IKEA Table

To start the process, you first must choose the IKEA table of your liking. From side tables and coffee tables to large kitchen and dining room tables, Janssen Glass & Door can create a custom glass table top for any size furniture you decide to purchase.

Step 2: Janssen Glass & Door Takes the Measurements

Onec you have the table, Janssen Glass & Door will come to your home to take measurements of the furniture. We will also talk to you about the project to make sure we are meeting your needs.

Step 3: Decide on Type of Glass Top & Edges

Now it’s time to truly customize your table. Choose what type of glass you would like to protect your table. We stock a variety of glass styles up to 1/2’” thick. Then, you can also decide what type of glass edge you would like for your table. Beveled, flat polished, pencil polished, and O.C. polished – those are just some of the options. We can also design a custom glass edge if you prefer.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Custom & Affordable Table

Janssen Glass has a quick turnaround on custom glass pieces, and will have you enjoying your new affordable IKEA table in no time! Never worry about spills or scratches again!

Call Janssen Glass & Door at 866-677-5727 today to get started on your custom glass table top project.

The Importance of Safety Glass

Safety Glass JanssenSafety glass plays a number of roles in homes and businesses. Besides the obvious stated in its name, safety glass has several benefits. Janssen Glass specializes in custom safety glass for Kansas City area homes and businesses and explains why it’s becoming a more popular choice.

Acts as a Natural Barrier

One of the great benefits of safety glass for businesses is its ability to act as a natural barrier and provide more security to the things and people inside the business. Safety glass barriers are a great way to control foot traffic in your business or store while still keeping the environment open and airy. This solution is commonly used in schools and institutions.

Provides Greater Security

Safety glass can also provide greater security for the people in and around your home or business. Safety glass, especially tempered glass, is specifically made to withstand blows nearly four times the amount needed to break untreated glass. And if it does break it is constructed to crumble into smaller pieces instead of shatter. This reduces the likelihood that someone will hurt themselves on broken or jagged glass pieces. You can normally find tempered glass in large business storefronts and schools, or in homes as glass tables or shower doors. Laminated glass is more likely to be found in entrance doors, bank teller windows, and in homes as glass cabinets, windows, and glass doors. The benefit of laminated glass is that when it breaks it will most likely stay in its frame. Laminated glass consists of two or more panes of glass that are bonded together by a durable plastic layer. This enables the glass to strongly resist breakage, and even when it does, it looks more like a crack and the glass stays in place.

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While safety glass has more added benefits than normal custom glass, it can still be installed on a budget. Janssen Glass can retrofit safety glass into existing glass or window structures, which can save you money on the overall cost.

Call Janssen Glass & Door today to install custom safety glass systems in your home or business at 913-677-5727 or 816-472-5330.

3 Things You Didn’t Know Janssen Glass & Door Could Do With Glass

Janssen Glass & Door in Kansas City is known for our commercial glass storefronts, our residential shower doors, and custom mirrors. But there are a lot of other projects that we can do with glass that most people aren’t aware of. Take for example the three projects below:

Use Glass Instead of Spindles on a Staircase or Deck

If you want a more modern and simple look to your home, try this out-of-the-box design idea. Instead of spindles, we can install custom glass sheets to line your staircase, from stair to railing. This design allows for more light to pass through, brightening the entire area. This looks gorgeous in an entryway where there are a lot of windows.

We can also install custom glass sheets used in place of spindles on a patio or deck. This design doesn’t hinder your view, allowing you to take in so much more scenery, whether that is a beautifully wooded backyard, or a city skyline.

We Can Install Safety Glass

If you like the look of glass staircases and decks, but worry about the safety of it, we’ve got you covered. We can install safety glass in these fixtures, or even in window and door fixtures. Our safety glass is stronger, thicker, more durable, and also less likely to scratch or smudge. We use safety glass in many of our commercial glass storefronts and windows.

Let in the Light with Glass Awnings

If you are a business owner or a homeowner looking to add an awning above an entranceway, but don’t want to block out the light, glass awnings are a great alternative. We can install flat, curved, single piece, multi-piece, anything you want. And glass awnings will harmonize with almost any style.

Looking for a custom glass or mirror in your home or business? Click here to read about why you should call Janssen Glass & Door to make your dream a reality, or call us at 866-677-5727.

DIY Summer Project: Custom Glass Coffee Table

Janssen Glass Coffe TableLooking to add a custom piece of furniture to your Kansas City area home or business this summer? Try this DIY custom glass coffee table. You can use a variety of different mediums, for a base, and pair it with a piece of custom glass for a unique and intriguing piece that will be sure to garner lots of compliments. Here’s how you can get started on yours:

Step 1: Pick Your Materials

The first thing you need to do is decide what style of coffee table you are going for, and then choose your materials accordingly. Popular materials for this project include wooden pallets or wooden crates. They can be left as they are, painted, or distressed. Other materials that work well for this project are old wooden doors, large chest drawers, wine barrels or even large bins. The drawers work great when used as shadowboxes if you like to show off or display items or art in a different way. Wine barrels have been popular this year if you’re going for a more rustic look.

Step 2: Get Janssen Glass to Cut Your Custom Glass Piece

After you’ve decided and prepared your medium, either bring the piece into Janssen Glass, or call us to your home so we can take measurements for your custom piece of glass. For this project, you would want the glass to be at least as long and wide as the material you’ve picked, if not a little larger than your base. You will also need to determine what type of glass you want to use. Choose from thick, thin, rounded edges, accented edges, and more! You can pick from a variety of options,and customize your glass at Janssen Glass.

Step 3: Add the Finishing Touches & Enjoy!

After you get your custom glass piece made for your table, it’s time to add the finishing touches. You can either lay the glass directly on the base of your table, or to protect both the wood and the custom glass piece, place clear rubber bumpers on the base in a few strategic places before placing the glass on top. This will keep the base from scratching the glass, and can help prevent the glass from moving. After the glass is in place, decorate your table as it pleases you, and enjoy!

If you’re interested in a custom glass or mirror project for your Kansas City area home or business, call the experts. You can reach Janssen Glass for superior glass service at 913-677-5727.

Let Your Home Reflect You: DIY Mirror Frames

Whether you’re looking to add character to an existing mirror in your Kansas City home, or you’re looking for a mirror to fit a great frame, it’s a lot easier than you think. Janssen Glass has a few do-it-yourself project ideas that can add a great deal of personality to your home.

DIY Mirror Frame Custom MirrorFrame Your Bathroom’s Builder Basic Mirror

A bathroom should be a place of retreat in your home. A place where you can let go of the rest of the world, and focus on yourself. But everyone likes to relax differently. Make your bathroom reflect your personality by adding your own frame to a mirror. This simple trick can bring so much personality and elegance to the room. You can use something as simple as a baseboard to achieve this timeless look. Try painting it any color to match the rest of the room, or trim down the width if you prefer a smaller frame. If you like the idea of this project, but don’t already have a mirror to frame, Janssen Glass can create a custom piece to fit any part of your home. For more on how to get started, read this blog post about our custom design process.From Antique to Modern: Mesh Old With New

Have any old picture frames lying around, but don’t know what to do with them? Why not use them to frame a mirror that can hang in virtually any room in your home. To play with the style, paint the frame to match your room’s décor, or distress the frame to add an air of old elegance to new style. A framed mirror looks just as stylish as a piece of hanging art. Hanging mirrors are also a great way to bring more light into a dark room, or to make a small room feel bigger. Janssen Glass has all types of mirror sizes and styles to choose from that are sure to fit in your DIY frame. And if for some reason we don’t, we can make a custom fit mirror for your frame.

If you’re interested in a custom mirror project for your Kansas City area home, call Janssen Glass at 913-677-5727.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking for? . . . Try Going Custom with Janssen Glass

We Can Make Any Custom Glass Fit Your Kansas City Home

Glass is in our name and in our blood. We do custom like no one else. Whether it’s a glass table top, or an oversized mirrored wall, we can get the job done right and get it done quickly. We can work with you to decide the right look for your custom piece so it complements the rest of your home. Check out our blog post on custom glass edges and glass patters.

A picture of Janssen Glass Custom Design Glass and MirrorrsThe Custom Glass Design Process:

If you’re interested in a custom design here is how the process works:

  • Call Janssen Glass and we will send a glass technician to your home or business to discuss the project you want as well as your expectations. We will then take measurements of the installation area.
  • From there, you pick the style and pattern of the glass or mirror you want for the project. We stock a variety of glass and mirrors in different thicknesses, types, patterns, etc. We have more than 20 choices when it comes to pattern alone.
  • Janssen Glass technicians then work hard to get your custom design ready for your home as quickly as possible.
  • We install the custom glass or mirror design in your home or business, and you get to enjoy your one-of-a-kind piece!


Janssen can customize almost anything you can think of:

  • Glass shower doors
  • Table tops
  • Large mirrors
  • Glass or mirrored walls
  • Glass store fronts or entry ways
  • Glass shelves
  • Glass windows
  • Outdoor deck panels for an unspoiled view
  • Glass half walls
  • Even the glass shelf in your refrigerator


Check out some of our custom work with Kansas City homeowners in our Janssen Glass project gallery.


If you’re interested in a custom glass or mirror project for your Kansas City area home or business, call the experts. You can reach Janssen Glass for superior glass service at 913-677-5727.

The Cutting Edge – Glass Edges that Add a Custom Look

Glass is one of the most beautiful design elements in a home.  From kitchens, to dining rooms, great rooms to bathrooms, glass can add color and texture, and even evoke emotion. At Janssen Glass, we can also create glass for practical reasons like safety and privacy, or we can go for sheer drama.

In our warehouse, we stock glass up to 1/2″ thick, carry over 20 decorative patterned glass styles, and we have a variety of edges we can create as well. If you need kitchen cabinet door fronts, shelves, tabletops, decorative mirrors, or amazing heavy glass shower doors, we can create the look and feel you want. In fact, we can usually have most residential projects finished within a few days.

Customize glass edges

Customized Glass Accents

To create a custom look, besides offering over 20 pattern glass designs, we also offer a variety of edges. Here are some examples of edges you can choose to add that custom touch to your glass accents. The Flat Polish and Pencil Polish are more modern and simple, while the O.G. Polish and Bevel are more traditional and ornate. Whatever the style you’re looking for, Janssen Glass can create it.

Patterned Glass

But besides edges, we also offer a huge variety of glass patterns. Take a look at some of these beautiful and elegant patterns and you’ll never think of glass the same way again! The Delta Frost Glass on the left is popular in bathrooms as shower doors or as decorative walls to separate rooms. The Seedy Glass on the right is popular in leaded glass windows.


You’ll be amazed at the choices you have when it comes to glass edges, patterns and designs. Never settle for boring glass again. If you have a project that includes glass, from new shower doors to tabletops to decorative mirrors, give Janssen a call at 866-677-5727. We’re on the cutting edge of glass design.

3 Glass Shower Door Ideas for Your Customized Bathroom in Kansas City

Photo collage of shower doorsSpring-cleaning sometimes leads to updates around the house. If you’re within the Kansas City area, let Janssen Glass help when it comes to your shower doors.  Here are three trends we’re seeing this spring in the bathroom.

Heavy Glass Shower Doors

We’re seeing this trend more and more with customers going for a sleeker, more modern look. This type of glass shower door can pretty much be summed up by it’s name. It is made of a thicker sheet of glass, obviously making it heavier as well. This sort of door doesn’t need to have metal framing surrounding it. Heavy glass is usually around 3/8 “ thick, making it strong enough to act as a structural barrier. It won’t wiggle without a frame, like light glass does.

All heavy glass needs are simple clips and hardware. This style looks seamless in bathrooms, giving a more open appeal that seems to lighten up a space. This is perfect if you have beautiful tile in your shower that you’d like to show-off. An additional benefit is selecting the style of hardware used on the shower door. With a variety of options, homeowners can add a bit of flair and customization.

Light Glass Shower Doors

Light glass, on the other hand, is thinner and lighter. Usually about 3/16 “ thick, this glass door needs to be wrapped in a metal frame to be strong enough to act as a barrier. Light glass doors have the ability to be customized simply by changing the type of frame. This look is very traditional, and an easy way to add character.

Customized Decorative Glass Doors

One way to really jazz things up is to use decorative glass for your shower doors. Janssen can help make your shower the focus of your dream bathroom. Janssen Glass can accommodate you with more than 20 glass patterns to choose from. We also do custom designs and installations.

See all of these shower door ideas in our residential photo gallery.

If you’d like help customizing your bathroom, call our trusted team at Janssen Glass! We’ll gladly take your call at 913-677-5727.